Reserved Stock Pro: Prevent Overselling in WooCommerce

Reserved Stock Pro by 1.4.1 NULLED


Reserved Stock Pro is a WooCommerce plugin designed to prevent overselling by reserving stock for customers when they add products to their cart. This is particularly useful for WooCommerce stores that operate with small amounts of stock and high demand.

The main features of Reserved Stock Pro include:

  • Stock decreases when products are added to the cart. When a customer adds a product to their cart, the stock numbers are decreased on the product page and instead marked as reserved.
  • Stock increases when products are removed from the cart. When a customer removes a product from their cart, its stock numbers are increased on the product page.
  • Stock levels update to match cart changes. When a customer updates the product quantity in their cart, the stock quantity is also updated on the product page.
  • Set product expiry time. You can set a time limit for how long products are reserved in a customer’s cart. After this time, the products are automatically removed from the cart and the stock is restored.

In addition to these features, Reserved Stock Pro offers customizable notifications for when products are added to the cart and when they are automatically removed. It also provides a real countdown for reservations and has a dedicated database table and optimized queries for speed.