Royal Mail Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce - Premium Shipping Method

WooCommerce Royal Mail 3.0.0



The Royal Mail Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce is a premium shipping method that allows you to calculate shipping costs using Royal Mail rates. This extension can calculate rates for both worldwide and UK domestic shipping.

The plugin is priced at $8.25 per month, billed annually at $99. It’s important to note that your store must use GBP currency and have the United Kingdom as the base country for this plugin to work. Additionally, your products need to be set up with weights and shipping dimensions.

This plugin primarily works with mm and g, but other units are converted automatically! It offers a variety of features including the ability to choose what Royal Mail services you want to offer customers, customize the names of services, and add extra costs to services if you wish.

It also includes a built-in box packer that allows you to ship items in single or multiple packages. The plugin supports a wide range of Royal Mail services both within the UK and internationally.

Please note that this plugin allows you to offer Royal Mail shipping rates to customers without the need for an API, as Royal Mail does not provide a public API. Rates follow the October 2nd, 2023 over the counter and online price guides.