SearchWP: The Ultimate WordPress Search Plugin for Customized Site Search

SearchWP 4.3.15 NULLED



SearchWP is a powerful WordPress search plugin that revolutionizes the way you use search on your site. It extends the default WordPress search to include custom fields, ecommerce product details, document content, custom tables, taxonomies, and shortcodes.

Key features of this plugin include:

  1. Custom Fields: SearchWP makes all of your valuable data searchable by including custom fields in the search.

  2. Ecommerce: SearchWP enhances your ecommerce search by considering all of your product details.

  3. Document Content: You can tell SearchWP to extract text from documents (PDF, Office, plain/rich text, and more!) uploaded to the WordPress Media library and make that content searchable.

  4. Custom Tables: Many modern WordPress sites use custom database tables to improve performance. SearchWP has the ability to index (and make searchable) content from virtually any local database table.

  5. Taxonomies & Shortcodes: SearchWP allows you to incorporate taxonomy terms and Shortcode output in your search operation.

  6. Search Statistics and Insights: SearchWP’s Metrics Extension analyzes your search traffic, showing you what visitors are searching for, finding, and not finding.

In conclusion, SearchWP is an excellent tool that enhances your website’s functionality and provides a seamless page building experience with its wide range of add-ons.


[Improvement] Moved the Source Author attribute for better UI/UX.
[Fix] Call to undefined function mysql_get_server_info() error in WP 6.4.
[Fix] Quoted searches not working on custom fields when wildcards are used.
[Fix] Highlighter not working with terms that include special characters in some cases.


[Fix] PHP error in some admin pages.


[Fix] Search Form with Default engine and Default results page produces no results in some cases.


[New] Onboarding Wizard to simplify the initial setup.
[Change] Added an attribute to Search Forms to support non-default engine in Live Ajax Search.
[Change] SearchWP Results template supports Metrics click tracking.
[Update] Translation files.
[Fix] SearchWP Results template produces errors in some cases when working with custom sources.


[Change] Improved license handling.
[Fix] Indexer running even when paused in some cases.