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Really Simple

Secure your WordPress site with the click of a button using Really Simple SSL Pro. This powerful plugin is designed to make the process of implementing an SSL certificate on your website as easy as possible. With its one-click activation, you can ensure that your website is secure and trusted by search engines and users alike.


  1. One-Click SSL Activation: No need for complex configurations or coding. Activate SSL on your website with just one click.

  2. Compatibility Checks: The plugin checks your website for potential issues and conflicts before SSL activation to ensure smooth transition.

  3. HTTP Strict Transport Security: Add an extra layer of security by enabling HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) on your site.

  4. Mixed Content Scan: The plugin scans your website for mixed content issues and fixes them automatically.

  5. Premium Support: Get access to our dedicated support team for any questions or issues with the plugin.

  6. SEO-Friendly: By securing your website with SSL, you can improve your SEO rankings as search engines favor secure sites.

With Really Simple SSL Pro, securing your WordPress site has never been easier or more reliable. Don’t leave your website’s security to chance - choose Really Simple SSL Pro.

= 7.0.7 =

  • October 4th 2023
  • Fix: get_users() function sometimes returning array of ID’s instead of objects
  • Fix: changing user roles selected for 2fa could reset the user’s choice to disable 2fa.

= 7.0.8 =

  • October 6th 2023
  • Fix: including required additional files

= 7.2.0 =

  • New: Password Protection
  • New: Limit Login attempts
  • Improvement: allow 2FA login by clicking the button in the email
  • Improvement: move mailer include for performance
More detail
  • Improvement: initialize users on 2fa
  • Fix: check variable $rule if it is an array, for php 8 compatibility

V7.2.3 Updates:

== Change Log==

= 7.2.4 =

  • Fix: PHP warning in Password Security module
  • Fix: change login url feature not working with password protected pages
  • Improvement: move database table creation to Limit Login Attempts module
  • Improvement: prevent php error caused by debug.log file hardening feature

= 7.2.5 =

  • Fix: IP detection header order
  • Fix: table creation on activation of LLA module

= 7.2.6 =

  • Improvement: text changes
  • Improvement: css on login error message
  • Improvement: header detection improved by always checking the last url in the redirect chain
  • New: Added option to limit login cookie expiration time
  • Fix: custom 404 pages i.c.w. custom login url

= 7.2.8 =

  • Fix: clear cron schedules on deactivation
  • Improvement: translations update
  • Notice: inform users about upcoming merge of free and pro plugin, not action needed, everything will be handled automatically

= 8.0.0 =

  • New: hide remember me checkbox
  • New: extend blocking of malicious admin creation to multisite
  • Improvement: drop prefetch-src from Content Security Policy
  • Improvement: disable two-fa when login protection is disabled

= 8.0.1 =

  • Fix: enable 2FA during onboarding when not selected by user
  • Improvement: better CSP defaults
  • Fix: on upgrade to pro, free settings were cleared if “clear settings on deactivation” was enabled
  • Fix: catch several array key not existing errors

= 8.1.0 =

  • Improvement: some string corrections
  • Fix: show ‘self’ as default in Frame Ancestors
  • Improvement: catch not existing rsssl_version_compare
  • Improvement: check for openSSL module existence
More detail
  • Improvement: set default empty array for options, for legacy upgrades
  • Improvement: disable custom login URL when plain permalinks are enabled
  • New: Limit Login Attempts Captcha integration
  • Improvement: drop renamed folder notice, not needed anymore
  • Improvement: enable advanced headers in onboarding
  • Improvement: is_object check in updater