ShopEngine: Blazing Fast WooCommerce Solution for Elementor with Advanced Features

ShopEngine Pro - Complete WooCommerce Solution for Elementor 2.5.7 NULLED



ShopEngine: The Ultimate WooCommerce Solution for Elementor

ShopEngine is a comprehensive and advanced WooCommerce solution designed specifically for Elementor. This powerful plugin is packed with features that make it easy to create a professional and user-friendly online store.

Key Features:

WooCommerce Builder: ShopEngine comes with a built-in WooCommerce builder, allowing you to design and customize your online store to your liking.
Product Comparison: This feature allows customers to compare multiple products at once, helping them make informed purchasing decisions.
Wishlist: Customers can create and share multiple wishlists, enhancing the shopping experience.
Variation Swatches: Replace the standard drop-down menus for product variations (like color and size) with visually appealing swatches.
Quick View: This feature provides customers with a quick sneak peek at products without leaving the current page.
6. Pre-Order: Tease new products and secure conversions by allowing customers to pre-order items.
7. Quick Checkout: Boost sales with a pop-up checkout page that makes the purchasing process smoother.

ShopEngine is more than just a plugin; it’s a complete solution for your WooCommerce needs. With its fast loading speed and extensive features, it provides an all-in-one solution for creating a successful online store. Whether you’re looking to design no-code shop pages within minutes or create conversion-focused checkout pages, ShopEngine has got you covered. Experience the easiest WooCommerce site-building experience with ShopEngine today!

Version: 2.5.0 // 27-09-2023

Improved: Performance for order query for HPOS.
Added: Option to change Back Order module message.
Fixed: On Sale filter doesn’t show the variable products.
Fixed: Cross sell popup product quantity issue with default post quantity settings.
Fixed: Add to cart button not showing on best selling product widget.

Version: 2.5.2 // 2-11-2023

Improved: Empty cart default design.
Fixed: woocommerce_thankyou hook not working if activate the thank you page template.
Fixed: UI issue for backorder module.

More detail

Fixed: Avatar widget icon issue.

Version: 2.5.6 // 31-03-2024

Added: Sticky fly cart icon changing option
Fixed: Comparison module issue with product attributes
Fixed: Partial payment issue with variable product
Fixed: Product filter widget issue

Version: 2.5.7 // 09-06-2024

Improved: Partial Payment module
Fixed: Flash sale module calculation issue
Fixed: Sales notification thumbnail issue
Fixed: Single product page loading issue for Pre-Order module