ShopLentor: Revolutionize Your WooCommerce Store with Elementor & Gutenberg - All-in-One Solution

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Introducing ShopLentor, a revolutionary WooCommerce builder that takes your online store to the next level. This all-in-one solution is designed to work seamlessly with both Elementor and Gutenberg, providing you with the ultimate flexibility and control over your WooCommerce store.

ShopLentor is a powerful WooCommerce builder that integrates smoothly with Elementor and Gutenberg. It’s designed to give you unparalleled control over your online store, allowing you to customize every aspect of your WooCommerce pages. With ShopLentor, you can create unique and engaging shopping experiences for your customers, boosting conversions and increasing sales.

WooLentor Pro : 2.2.9 & WooLentor Free : 2.7.4 (November 27, 2023)

Added : Option for slider infinite loop control in universal product widget.
Added : Variation product showing issue in Flash sale countdown widget.
Solved : Dynamic variable creation issue.
Improve : Template Building functionality.

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Added : Instagram and WhatsApp share button add in product share addon. (Pro)
Solved : Cart and checkout page build issue with latest WooCommerce version. (Pro)
Solved : Product filter product show issue with pagination. (Pro)
Compatibility : Ensuring checkout and cart pages with the block theme. (Pro)
Compatibility : Latest WordPress and WooCommerce version.

Changes Log - WooLentor

WooLentor Pro : 2.3.4 & WooLentor Free : 2.7.9 (February 4, 2024)

Added : Support to all block in Full Site editing screen.
Added : Same Hight grid option in Recently view product addon.
Solved : Required field validation issue with Shopify like checkout module.
Solved : Default currency set issue in Multi Currency Switcher module.

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Solved : Hidden product display issue with Ajax search module.
Solved : Category showing issue in category list widget. (Pro)
Solved : Variation product quick add to cart option warning issue. (Pro)
Compatibility : Latest WordPress and WooCommerce version.

WooLentor Pro : 2.3.6 & WooLentor Free : 2.8.2 (March 4, 2024)

Solved : Wishlist button class rendering issue.
Solved : Product id fetching issue in compare button Shortcode.
Solved : Single Product default image show with FSE Theme.
Added : Order Bump Widget and Block. (Pro)
Solved : Order Bump product price calculate issue with Currency Switcher module. (Pro)
Compatibility : Latest WordPress and WooCommerce version.