Smart School Android App: A Mobile Application for School Management System

Smart School Android App v4.0 - Mobile Application for Smart School



Smart School Android App is a mobile application for Smart School, a web-based school management system. Smart School Android App allows you to access and manage various features of Smart School from your Android device. With Smart School Android App, you can:

  • View and update your profile, attendance, homework, exams, fees, and notifications.
  • Communicate with teachers, students, parents, and staff through chat and messages.
  • Manage your timetable, events, holidays, and leaves.
  • Access online classes, live sessions, and video lessons.
  • Download and upload assignments, study materials, and certificates.
  • Track your transport route and location.
  • And much more!

Smart School Android App is easy to use, secure, and compatible with all Android devices. It is designed to enhance the learning experience and improve the efficiency of school management. Smart School Android App is the perfect companion for Smart School users who want to access their school data anytime, anywhere.