SpaceWeb - Advanced Android WebView Template with Remote Config by Codash_sc

SpaceWeb v3 | WebView With Remote Config 1.2


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The SpaceWeb v3 is an advanced Android WebView template that offers a powerful and efficient way to create Android apps using your own web content. This template is developed by Codash_sc, a renowned developer in the field of Android app templates.

The SpaceWeb v3 stands out for its use of a remote configuration feature, which allows you to update your app’s settings without needing to update the entire application. This feature can save you time and resources, making it an excellent choice for businesses and developers who need to make frequent updates to their apps.

In addition to the remote configuration feature, the SpaceWeb v3 also offers other impressive features such as:

  1. Full-Screen Video Support: The template supports full-screen video playback, providing a seamless viewing experience for users.
  2. File Upload & Download: Users can easily upload and download files within the app, enhancing its functionality.
  3. Push Notifications: Keep your users engaged and informed with the integrated push notification feature.
  4. AdMob Integration: Monetize your app effectively with AdMob integration.



The SpaceWeb v3 is a robust and versatile Android WebView template that offers a host of features designed to enhance user experience and app functionality. The remote configuration feature is particularly noteworthy, as it allows for easy updates without the need for complete app overhauls. The full-screen video support, file upload and download capabilities, push notifications, and AdMob integration are all excellent features that add value to this template.


While the SpaceWeb v3 is undoubtedly feature-rich, it may present a steep learning curve for beginners or those unfamiliar with Android WebView templates. Additionally, while the remote configuration feature is convenient, it may require a certain level of technical knowledge to utilize effectively.


In conclusion, the SpaceWeb v3 by Codash_sc is a powerful Android WebView template that packs in a range of features designed to enhance user experience and app functionality. While it may require some technical know-how to make the most of its features, its benefits far outweigh this minor drawback. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a business looking to create an efficient Android app with your own web content, the SpaceWeb v3 is a worthy consideration.