StackFood Multi Restaurant - Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin and Restaurant Panel

StackFood Multi Restaurant - Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin plus Restaurant Panel 7.3 NULLED



StackFood is a multi-restaurant food delivery system developed using the Laravel and Flutter frameworks. It is a complete package for your online food ordering and delivery business, with a superb admin panel, readymade and highly responsive mobile apps, and phenomenal features to enhance the online food ordering and delivery system.
Here are 15+ reasons to buy StackFood:
Complete package: StackFood includes everything you need to start and run a successful food delivery business, including an admin panel, user app, restaurant app, deliveryman app, and landing page.
Superb admin panel: The admin panel is easy to use and provides you with complete control over your business. You can manage orders, customers, restaurants, and deliverymen from one central location.
Readymade and highly responsive mobile apps: The user app, restaurant app, and deliveryman app are all ready to use and highly responsive. They provide a seamless user experience for everyone involved in the food delivery process.
Phenomenal features: StackFood includes a wide range of features to enhance the online food ordering and delivery system. These features include:
A built-in payment gateway
A loyalty program
A referral program
A customer support system
And more!
100% responsive design: StackFood is 100% responsive, so it looks great on any device.
Active customer support: StackFood has an active customer support team that is available 24/7 to help you with any issues you may have.
Clean, well-structured, and maintainable code: StackFood is built with clean, well-structured, and maintainable code. This makes it easy to customize and extend the system to meet your specific needs.
Value for money system: StackFood is a value for money system. It offers a wide range of features at a very affordable price.
Flexible prices, no surprises!: StackFood offers flexible pricing plans to fit any budget. There are no hidden fees or surprises.
If you are looking for a complete and reliable food delivery system, then StackFood is the perfect solution for you. It is a powerful and versatile system that can help you grow your business and reach more customers.

Version 7.1 15 September 2023

  • New design for user app and flutter user web app
  • Fixed translation related issues in full system and make it easier for translation
  • Improvements for import and export with proper organised design for exported data
  • Add fund to customer wallet using payment gateways with bonus for add fund to wallet
More detail
  • Partial payment by wallet balance
  • Update payment gateways and make the system compatible with upcoming payment module of 6amTech
  • Landing page on/off feature with custom landing page upload/configure option
  • Maximum quantity check for an item when add to cart
  • Service charge/ Packaging charge/ Platform fee adding option with dynamic texts and amount
  • Delivery proof managed by delivery man
  • Direct store link share option and managed required data for direct link share
  • Manual query based notification for admin and restaurant panel along with the firebase notification
  • Improvement in SEO for restaurant
  • Digital payment option for restaurant subscription
  • Improvements on lots of features and restructure the code
  • Fixed some issues
  • Performance improved
  • Made the flutter app compatible with flutter sdk 3.13.1

Version 7.2 22 November 2023

  • Manual/ Offline payment option manage by admin dynamically

  • Free delivery setup option for first given distance(km)

  • Order reassign to new delivery men from the admin panel with all available delivery men list and map view.

More detail
  • Online cart management to sync data in every connected modules

  • Guest checkout: Customer can book a service without login/ registration

  • Auto earning calculation in daily, weekly and monthly basic based on admin’s settings and generate automatic payout list for both Restaurant and Delivery Man

  • Digital payment option in due payments for both Restauant and Delivery men.

  • Custom field option for Restaurant and Delivery men registration and show proper data in the admin panel approval page.

  • Disable option for current order so that someone can use schedule order option only.

  • Maximum schedule order day setup from the admin panel.

  • Fixed some issues

  • Made the flutter app compatible with flutter sdk 3.16.0

Version 7.3 29 January 2024

  • Optimized and restructured all blade pages code in the backend and web panels.
  • Optimized and restructured the full app codes.
  • Fixed issues
  • Made the apps compatible with Flutter SDK 3.16.7