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Tutor LMS is a powerful WordPress LMS plugin that simplifies course creation with a drag & drop builder and advanced quiz creator. Manage eLearning courses, interactive live classes, assignments, and certificates. Access data-driven insights, track student progress, and improve learner retention. Compatible with WordPress 5.x/Gutenberg. Features multi-language support, responsive design, and integration with Zoom, Google Classroom, and YouTube.

= 2.3.0 - September 20, 2023

New: Secure your Tutor LMS site content with Hotlink protection
New: Disable right-click for Tutor LMS site content to prevent copying
New: Recommended YouTube videos will be hidden on Tutor Player
New: Added course review pop-up when a course is automatically completed
New: Course permalink base is now updatable
Update: For live lessons, the “Mark as complete” button will only appear once the Zoom/Google Meet meeting has started.
Update: Tutor LMS settings navigation bar is now sticky
Fix: Resolved email formatting issues on Gmail and Outlook web versions
Fix: Resolved the on-site notification system’s incorrect time issue
Fix: Various translation related issues
Fix: Resolved known security issues

= 2.4.0 - October 16, 2023

New: Display lesson, quiz, and assignment status with colored tick marks in learning area
New: Let students track the course progress on the course detail page with a new “Review Progress” button
New: Showcase Zoom and Google Meet meetings on the Tutor LMS Calendar (Pro)

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New: Showcase upcoming lessons and quizzes on the Tutor LMS Calendar upon scheduling them with Content Drip (Pro)
New: Let students share their certificates to social media from the certificate download page (Pro)
New: “Complete Course” button added on learning area upon completing all course content (Pro)
New: Ability to check for admins and instructors if a student has generated a certificate (Pro)
New: Ability to update instructor information and set custom revenue share percentage on a popup (Pro)
Update: Editor support for instructor bio from the backend instructor list
Update: Certificate preview and OTP page are now compatible with Elementor/Divi custom header, footer (Pro)
Update: Optimized certificate download time (Pro)
Update: Enhanced certificate resolution for certificate builder-generated certificates
Update: Tutor Player optimized for Vimeo videos (Pro)
Fix: Ability to complete a course without passing quizzes/assignments with auto-complete enabled on strict mode
Fix: Inaccurate course percentage in some cases
Fix: Pagination issues on the course list page resolved for users who used shortcodes
Fix: The Certificate preview section issues on the course details page on Safari
Fix: Social links not working issue on the Instructor profile page in the mobile view

= 2.5.0 - December 07, 2023

New: A revamped design for email with a better user experience (Pro)
New: Default configuration for email templates (Pro)

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New: Option to add Alt tag/text for Email logo (Pro)
New: Customize the email template color for each part (header, body, button, footer) (Pro)
New: Option to align email logo, title, body, button, and footer text (Pro)
New: (Triggered Event) Send a test email to a given email address (Pro)
New: (Triggered Event) Reminder email to students to resume the course if they are inactive for a certain period (Pro)
New: (Triggered Event) A welcome email to students after registration (Pro)
New: (Triggered Event) Reminder email for lesson comments (Pro)
New: (Triggered Event) Email notification for instructors if their application gets rejected (Pro)

New: Manual template creation for manually sending email (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email everyone about any news, event, or manual notifications (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email only all admins about any updates (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email all students about any events (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email all instructors about any events (Pro)

New: (Manual email) Email all instructors of a selected course/courses (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email all students of a selected course/courses (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email all students who completed any course. (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email all students who completed a selected course/courses (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email all students except selected courses. (Pro)
Update: Custom course slug will be applied in the learning area
Update: Added WordPress 6.4 compatibility
Update: Added MySQL 8 compatibility
Fix: Students getting course access even after the PM Pro subscription had expired issue fixed (Pro)
Fix: New student sign-up mail not being sent to the admin issue fixed (Pro)
Fix: The “Complete Course” button not appearing issue on mobile devices in the learning area fixed
Fix: Email template translation issues and some Email triggers not working issue fixed (Pro)

= 2.6.0 - January 11, 2024

New: Added Write and Delete permissions in REST API (Pro)
New: Automatic permalink updates when required
New: Support for quiz base permalink updates

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New: Support for assignment base permalink updates (Pro)
New: Added placeholder support on email heading (Pro)
Update: Added PHP 8.1 and 8.2 compatibility
Update: Updated compatibility with the latest WooCommerce database update
Update: The “Restore Default” option for the email trigger’s data (Pro)
Fix: Resolved assignment file upload option disappearance when the max file upload option is set to zero (Pro)
Fix: Resolved issue with JS files translation not working properly (Pro)
Fix: Fixed email logo blurriness and logo not appear on email when hotlink protection is enabled (Pro)
Fix: Resolved the category filters not working on the backend course bundle page (Pro)
Fix: Resolved password strength not showing on registration pages
Fix: Fixed Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Pro not appearing on the Monetization dropdown menu
Fix: Fixed the issues with blank assignment submissions caused by delayed page loading (Pro)
Fix: Resolved design conflict with block themes in the course content area
Fix: Fixed email not triggering when updating course status from the backend course list page (Pro)
Fix: “All fields required” messages when creating a Zoom meeting with non-English time settings (Pro)

= 2.6.2 - March 11, 2024

New: APIs for enabling students to submit assignments (Pro)
New: APIs allowing students to add courses to their wishlists (Pro)
New: APIs enabling students to review and rate courses (Pro)
Update: Some enhancements to improve the overall experience
Fix: Strengthened security to prevent data loss