Ultimate Amazon S3 Media Management & Delivery Plugin for WordPress - S3 Media Maestro

S3 Media Maestro - Amazon S3 WordPress Plugin 4.3.0


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Introducing S3 Media Maestro, the ultimate solution for managing and delivering media files via Amazon S3 directly from your WordPress site. This powerful, yet easy-to-use plugin, is ideal for businesses that want to deliver digital content securely and at scale.

Key Features:

Secure Media Delivery: S3 Media Maestro uses Amazon S3’s secure and robust system to ensure your media is delivered safely to your audience.
2. Easy Integration with WordPress: Seamlessly integrate your Amazon S3 account with your WordPress site. Manage and deliver your media directly from your WordPress dashboard.
3. Efficient Media Management: Organize your media files efficiently on Amazon S3. No more worries about storage limits on your hosting server.
4. Streamlined Media Player: Comes with a sleek, customizable media player that supports both audio and video files.
5. Expansive File Type Support: From MP3s and MP4s to PDFs and Docs, S3 Media Maestro supports a wide range of file types.

Optimize your media delivery today with S3 Media Maestro - your trusted partner for Amazon S3 media management and delivery.


= 4.3.0 =

  • Fix: Updated namespacing for Guzzel to prevent conflicting Guzzel packages