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WishList Member - WordPress Membership Plugin 3.26.1 NULLED


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WishList Member is a powerful and easy-to-use WordPress membership plugin that allows you to create and manage a fully-featured membership site. With WishList Member, you can easily protect and deliver your digital content, build an online community, and manage your subscriptions. Some of the key features of WishList Member include:

  • Flexible Membership Options
  • Content Protection
  • Seamless Integration
  • Easy Management
  • Customizable Design
    With WishList Member, you can unlock the full potential of your digital content and build a thriving online community.

WishList Member 3.24.0


  • Upgraded API connection to use Stripe Connect
  • Supported on-page payment form by adding on_page=1 to the wlm_stripe_btn shortcode
  • Indicate archived prices in the product plans selection area
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  • Improved shortcode creator
  • Fixed broken wlm_stripe_profile shortcode
  • Disable the Pay button after the clicking if a successful token has been created. Also change the “Pay” text to “Processing”
  • Added extra checking for Stripe Invoice ID for recurring events
  • Fixed issue where the correct transaction ID for Stripe (CustomerID + Price ID) is not being returned on subscription cycle webhook events


  • Added a warning message when both Keap Shopping Cart and Email Provider are enabled and both are using the same Keap Account/API Key
  • Adjusted the width of the “Order Form Web Page URL” on the Keap Payment Provider setting
  • Updated the warning text in both the Keap integration


  • Fixed Minor Grammar issue / text change


  • Fixed issue where cannot remove the member from a level connected to the LearnDash Course
  • Fixed issue where cannot add member to the same level when removed from it even if LearnDash is not active
  • Fixed an issue where removing users from a level which is tied to a course action will cause a loop if they have a membership left that isn’t tied to any course actions
  • Fixed an issue where set_membership_levels() won’t work when the user will be left with 0 levels after removal of level tied to a LearnDash course


  • Fixed a bug that causes two accounts to be created for a single purchase due to the auto-complete setting triggering after the delay while the user is still in the registration form


  • Fixed history of levels with an immediate level action not recording the trigger action
  • Fixed the issue with export members dates not following the WordPress date and time format
  • Fixed exported members file dates does not follow the WordPress date and time format

Content Scheduler

  • Fixed an issue where enabling Object Cache Pro will cause “404 page not found” error message when trying to access a page that contains scheduled content


  • Fixed Dashboard Support section links
  • Fixed a bunch of PHP errors, warnings and notices
  • Fixed broken “Lost your Password” link in WishList Member login form
  • Added tooltips for the Member Action button shortcode creator
  • Replaced video tutorial links with links to the knowledgebase instead
  • Added Easy Affiliates and Monster Insights support for Authorize.net – Simple Checkout integration
  • Added Easy Affiliates and Monster Insights supports for Authorize.net – Automatic Recurring Billing integration
  • Fixed custom registration form issue where radio buttons and checkboxes trigger the “Duplicate Name” error preventing the form from being saved

WishList Member 3.24.1


  • Fixed License activation failing for Basic, Plus, Pro and Elite editions.


  • Fixed Stripe payment form not showing existing cards for logged in users
  • Fixed issue where a valid coupon code is not being applied for stripe on-page forms


  • Fixed an issue where Infusionsoft/Keap integration causes browser to show “Out of Memory” message when loading level/tags data due a high number of Membership Levels and Keap tags.


  • Pass registration $data as a reference to allow third parties to modify post data in wishlistmember_pre_register action

WishList Member 3.24.3

Fixed broken post/page editor when using WordPress 6.4 and WishList Member.

WishList Member 3.24.4

Fixed incorrect cancellation schedules the “Cancel Membership Immediately After PayPal Subscription is Cancelled” button is disabled
Fixed broken admin JavaScript causing issues such as the “Add Product” button not working and the like
PayPal Payflow and PayPal Pro

More detail

Fixed broken admin JavaScript causing issues such as the “Add Product” button not working and the like
Fixed broken proration since version 3.24.0
pass IPN object to wishlistmember_shoppingcart_rebill action
Added option to not cancel membership levels for when subscription is marked as active
Fixed member’s registration date is incorrectly set in the future when the level expiration option is a fixed term
Fixed issue where WishList Member is slow when there is no license key saved on the site
Fixed add-ons not being displayed for WordPress installed in sub-path (ex mysite.com/site)
Fixed add-ons not shown immediately when WishList Member edition is changed

WishList Member 3.25.1

Fixed PHP Fatal Error for PHP versions 7.3 and lower.

WishList Member 3.26.0

Bumped minimum WordPress requirement to 6.0
Bumped minimum PHP requirement to 7.4
Updated selfcheck version requirements

More detail

Replaced strnatcmp() with version_compare() for PHP and WordPress version checking
Fixed WishList Member Add-ons showing updates are available in the WordPress plugins section even if there is none
Fixed non-working remove level course action for LearnDash
Fixed access not being cancelled after subscription cancellation/expiration on WooCommerce
Text changes for Easy Affiliate integration
Fixed Stripe proration still issuing the level on failed payments
Added wishlistmember_paypalec_ipn_response action for verified PayPal Checkout IPNs similar to PayPal Legacy
Fixed ClickBank order bumps level not getting added to the member’s level. Also added wishlistmember_clickbank_process_order_bumps action
Replaced all instances of “Re-registered” with “Uncancelled”
Fixed the response for GET /level/{level_id} and wlmapi_get_level() pertaining to the “access_all_xxx” properties
Added link to KB article API URL – WishList Member API Data Not Being Received - WordPress Membership Plugin - Membership Sites below the API URL field in the Advanced Settings > API
Updated the API URL tooltip in Advanced Settings > API
Added no-cache header to API responses to prevent caching of API responses
Fixed issue where the per level Custom After Logout redirect is not being processed
Supported “Select All” to in levels dropdown
Fix slow search and timeout issue in Manage Member screen for sites with a lots of members
Fixed broken registration date updates when date/time format contains backwards slashes or if the format is non-standard
Fixed issue where per level after registration page is displayed instead of the “email requires confirmation” or “admin requires approval” page if these are enabled

WishList Member 3.26.1

Fixed broken pagination in the Content Protection screen due to incorrect URL
Fixed the incorrect labels for a few payment integrations