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The Events Calendar is a powerful, flexible WordPress plugin that lets you easily create and manage events on your website. It’s designed to be user-friendly, feature-rich, and beautifully designed.

  1. Easy Event Creation: Create single or recurring events with ease. Include essential details like event title, description, date, time, and venue.
  2. Event Categories & Tags: Organize your events with categories and tags. Make it easy for your visitors to find events that interest them.
  3. Event Views: Display your events in various views like month, day, list, and photo view. Choose the one that best fits your website design.
  4. Google Maps Integration: Show the event location with Google Maps integration. Make it easy for your attendees to find the venue.
  5. Event Search: Let your visitors search for events by keyword, date range, event category, or tag.


The Events Calendar is a robust and versatile event management tool that can transform any WordPress website into a fully functional event management platform.


  1. User-Friendly Interface: The plugin is easy to use even for beginners. The event creation process is straightforward and intuitive.
  2. Flexible and Customizable: The plugin offers a high level of customization allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs.
  3. Excellent Support: The plugin comes with excellent customer support that is quick to respond and helpful.


  1. Premium Features: Some of the more advanced features require purchasing the Pro version of the plugin.
  2. Theme Compatibility: While the plugin works with most themes, there can be occasional compatibility issues with some custom themes.


Overall, The Events Calendar is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add event management functionality to their WordPress website. It’s easy to use, highly customizable, and comes with great support. However, to unlock its full potential, you may need to upgrade to the Pro version.

= [] 2023-11-09 =

  • Fix - Ensure Recurring Events are saved correctly on WordPress version 6.4. [ECP-1614]

= [6.2.4] 2023-11-14 =

  • Fix - WPML permalink resolution was failing to retain the lang query param in some edge cases, namely on single posts with Pro activated. [TEC-4798]
  • Fix - Added legacy compatibility for tribe_get_recurrence_start_dates() to function with the Custom Tables feature. [ECP-1422]
  • Fix - Resolved several Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property warnings on: \TEC\Events_Pro\Custom_Tables\V1\Duplicate\Duplicate::$url, \TEC\Events\Custom_Tables\V1\Models\Validators\Validator::$error_message and \Tribe__Events__Pro__PUE::$pue_instance [BTRIA-2088]
More detail
  • Tweak - Added filters: tec_events_pro_recurrence_get_start_dates
  • Language - 0 new strings added, 64 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [6.3.0] 2024-01-22 =

  • Feature - New Ticket type when using with Event Tickets for Series Posts.
  • Feature - Series Passes show on Series frontend page.
  • Feature - Series Passes show on frontend for events in Series.
More detail
  • Feature - Attendees and Orders pages for Series with passes.
  • Feature - New Attached Ticket Types column on the Series admin list of events.
  • Feature - Migration path to custom tables for sites with recurring events with tickets.
  • Tweak - Updating to be compatible with the new Trash Old Events frequency option structure in The Events Calendar. [ECP-1604]
  • Tweak - Added filters: tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_series_occurrent_list_columns, tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_add_to_series_available_events
  • Tweak - Added actions: tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_series_occurrent_list_column_{$column_name}, tec_events_pro_custom_tables_v1_series_relationships_after
  • Language - 0 new strings added, 9 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [] 2024-02-22 =

  • Security - Improved the Shortcode around Events display of data to ensure data is only visible to users who have the correct permissions.
  • Language - 1 new strings added, 0 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [6.3.3] 2024-04-09 =

  • Fix - Resolve some issues around [tribe_event_inline] content parsing. [ECP-1684]
  • Tweak - Added filters: tec_events_pro_inline_excluded_placeholders
  • Tweak - Removed filters: tribe_events_pro_inline_placeholders, tribe_events_pro_inline_protected_placeholders, tribe_events_pro_inline_excluded_placeholders, tribe_events_pro_inline_output, tribe_events_pro_inline_event_multi_organizer_output
  • Tweak - Changed views: v2/map/top-bar/datepicker, v2/photo/top-bar/datepicker, v2/summary/top-bar/datepicker, v2/week/top-bar/datepicker
  • Language - 1 new strings added, 2 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted