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Unleash the full potential of your WordPress site with the W3 Total Cache plugin. This powerful tool is designed to improve your website’s performance, making it faster and more efficient. With a faster website, you can improve user experience, increase your page views, and help with your WordPress SEO. Key Features: Performance Optimization: W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by increasing website performance and reducing load times via features like content delivery network (CDN) integration and the latest best practices. Browser Caching: With browser caching, W3 Total Cache stores temporary data on your visitors’ devices so that they don’t have to download it every time they visit your site. This leads to faster load times and a better user experience. Database Caching: Database caching can significantly speed up your WordPress site by caching SQL queries, reducing the time it takes to generate a page. Object Caching: This feature further increases performance by caching data that is computationally expensive to generate. Minification: By minifying your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, you can save bandwidth and speed up your site. CDN Integration: W3 Total Cache includes content delivery network (CDN) integration, which allows you to host your files across a network of servers worldwide. This means faster delivery of content to your users no matter where they are located. Mobile Support: W3 Total Cache comes with built-in mobile support. This means that it can help improve the performance of your mobile site just as effectively as your desktop site. SSL Support: If you’re running an eCommerce site or any other site that requires SSL for security purposes, W3 Total Cache has you covered with SSL support. Experience a faster, more efficient website today with W3 Total Cache.


Feature: Added support for Bunny.Net CDN
Feature: Preload requests (Pro)
Fix: Error when changing CDN cookie domain setting
Fix: Admin notice when flushing cache from the admin bar

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Fix: Error in some Minify cache file operations
Fix: PHP 8 compatibility
Update: Delay scripts UI changes


Fix: WebP Converter extension activation
Fix: Media Library upload may fail when using Bunny CDN
Fix: Cloudflare API error when updating certain settings
Fix: Lazy Loading issue with the Delay Scripts feature enabled

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Update: Allow custom hostname changes for Bunny CDN


Feature: Performance Dashboard update
Feature: Remove unused CSS/JS
Fix: Nginx feature and permission policy header syntax
Fix: Memcache install check

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Fix: Cloudfront purge button
Fix: Uncaught type error on the install page
Fix: Page mapping data
Fix: Add missing id for a save settings button
Fix: Extension counts
Fix: PHP 8.2 deprecation warnings for dynamic class property assignments
Fix: Do not autoload WP option for PageSpeed data
Fix: Cache groups: Fix spacing in values for htaccess syntax
Fix: Refactor Minify cache key mapping to have shorter keys and separate storage
Fix: Minify statistics output and PHP warnings
Fix: Feature Showcase: New feature version numbers
Fix: Lazy Loading URL pattern match
Update: Upgrade modal/popup
Update: Added “Learn more” links


Fix: Page Cache: Prefer Brotli over Gzip
Fix: Page Cache: Purge sitemaps on post creation/edit/trash/delete
Fix: Page Cache: Processed content filter
Fix: Minify URL to filename filter mapping
Update: Added Bunny CDN partner information
Update: Added filters for Apache rules and Page Cache postfix