WebViewGold for iOS – WebView URL/HTML to iOS app + Push, URL Handling, APIs & much more!

WebViewGold for iOS – WebView URL/HTML to iOS app + Push, URL Handling, APIs & much more! v13.0 Nulled


Developer / Buy:
WebViewGold is a versatile solution that allows you to convert your website or HTML content into a native iOS app effortlessly. With its powerful features and push notification capabilities, WebViewGold takes your online presence to the next level, providing a seamless mobile experience for your users.

Key Features:

  1. Website-to-App Conversion: WebViewGold enables you to convert your website or HTML content into a fully functional iOS app. Your app will retain the look and feel of your website, offering a consistent user experience.
  2. Push Notifications: Engage and communicate with your app users using push notifications. Keep them informed about important updates, promotions, or new content, even when the app is not actively in use.
  3. Offline Mode: Allow users to access your app’s content even without an internet connection. WebViewGold caches website content, ensuring that users can browse and interact with your app offline.
  4. App Customization: Customize your app’s appearance and functionality to match your branding and preferences. WebViewGold offers various options to personalize the app’s design, including splash screens, icons, and more.
  5. App Store Compatibility: WebViewGold generates an Xcode project that meets all the requirements of the App Store. Submit your app to the App Store and reach a broader audience of iOS users.
  6. WebView API: Utilize the WebView API to enhance your app’s functionality. Implement features such as in-app purchases, geolocation, camera access, and more, leveraging the power of native app capabilities.
  7. Ad Integration: Monetize your app by integrating ads using WebViewGold’s ad frameworks. Earn revenue through banner ads, interstitial ads, or other ad formats within your app.
  8. In-App Purchases: Generate revenue by offering in-app purchases to your users. WebViewGold supports in-app purchases, allowing you to sell premium content, subscriptions, or digital goods within your app.
  9. Deep Linking: Drive traffic and engagement by implementing deep linking in your app. Deep links can direct users to specific sections or content within your app, enhancing user experience and facilitating app discovery.
  10. Analytics Integration: Gain insights into user behavior and app performance with WebViewGold’s analytics integration. Track user interactions, measure app usage, and optimize your app based on valuable data.

Transform your website into a powerful iOS app with WebViewGold. Benefit from push notifications, offline mode, app customization, and more, providing your users with a seamless and immersive mobile experience. Expand your reach and engage your audience effectively with WebViewGold today.

Version 13.0 (26 September 23)

  • Xcode 15 Improvements