WooCommerce Smart Pack: Boost Your Sales with Wallet, Refund, Reward and Gift Card Extensions

WooCommerce Smart Pack v1.4.5



WooCommerce Smart Pack is a WordPress plugin that allows you to enhance your e-commerce website with four powerful extensions: Wallet, Refund, Reward, and Gift Card. With WooCommerce Smart Pack, you can:

  • Create a wallet system that lets your customers deposit funds and use them to purchase your products. You can also enable partial payment with the wallet balance and other payment methods.
  • Refund your customers with store credit that can be used for future purchases. You can also set a refund policy and limit the refund amount per order.
  • Reward your customers with points or cashback for every purchase they make. You can also set different reward rates for different products or categories.
  • Sell unlimited number of gift card products that can be redeemed as coupons on your website. You can also customize the gift card design, delivery options, and expiration date.

WooCommerce Smart Pack is easy to use, fully compatible with WooCommerce, and translation ready. It also comes with detailed documentation and support. WooCommerce Smart Pack is the ultimate plugin to boost your sales, customer loyalty, and satisfaction.

= 1.4.5 - 23/09/2023 =

[Check] - WooCommerce 8.0 compatibility check