WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter

HUSKY - WooCommerce Products Filter Professional [WOOF Filter] 3.3.6



WOOF (HUSKY) is a comprehensive WooCommerce products filter plugin. It allows you to create advanced filter forms and manage product listings efficiently. Improve your store’s performance, optimize search engine results, and customize product visibility using WOOF’s smart filtering capabilities.

v. - September 22, 2023

- 1 security fix, thanks to Rafie M from patchstack.co

Version - 14th Mar, 2024

2 security fixes, thanks to Wordfence.com
1 security fix, thanks to Patchstack.com

Version 3.3.6 - 27th May, 2024 Latest Update

security fix, thanks to Richard Telleng (stueotue) from wordfence.com
bunch of small fixes
New features