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WordPress Automatic Plugin is a powerful tool that lets you automate your WordPress site with ease. With this plugin, you can:

  • Import content from almost any website to your WordPress site automatically.
  • Set your own rules to determine when and how the content is imported.
  • Choose from various content sources, such as RSS feeds, social media, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, and more.
  • Customize the imported content with your own templates, spinners, translators, and filters.
  • Schedule the imports to run on a regular basis or trigger them manually.
  • Monitor the imports with detailed logs and reports.

WordPress Automatic Plugin is the ultimate solution for creating rich and diverse content for your WordPress site without any hassle. Whether you want to create a news aggregator, a video blog, an affiliate site, or any other type of site, WordPress Automatic Plugin can help you achieve your goals.

WordPress Automatic Plugin is easy to install and use. You can create unlimited campaigns and import unlimited content with a single license.

Version 3.74.1 (12 September 2023)

NEW: Now you can add multiple OpenAI API keys and the plugin will rotate between them
NEW: Tiktok option to remove @user from the post content
NEW: Tiktok option to remove music used from the post content
NEW: Feeds/Multi-scraper can now extract a speicfic part before or after another text (tutorial added)
NEW: Bulk option to Deactivate and Activate selected campaigns
Fix: Tiktok now remove music from generated title
Fix: Amazon price extraction algorithm updated to cope with new changes
Fix: fix of critical error when loading all campaigns page
Fix: campaigns processing algorithm updated to correct memory limit issue when too many campaigns
Improved: Feeds/Multi-scraper category extraction algorithm improved to detect cats in span inside a tags
Improved: Feeds/Multi-scraper post from specific links now auto fill the first link for visusal selector

Version 3.75.0 (19 October 2023)

NEW: Feeds/multi-page scraper option to import multi-page posts
NEW: OpenAI option to use a fine tuned model
NEW: OpenAI option to remove H1 from the generated content

More detail

NEW: Feeds/multi-scraper now auto fix noscript lazyloding images
NEW: Feeds/multi-scraper new tag [source_url_decoded] to return the source URL decoded
NEW: new tag [title_words_as_slug] to return the title words as slug
NEW: Feeds/multi-scraper campaign can now auto extract tags from source post Schema tags
Improved: OpenAI campaigns now auto remove unecessary HTML tags like html & body from generated content
Fix: Amazon will not set the _sale_price if the product is not on sale
Fix: Multi-scraper campaign now deletes generated .xml containing found links if found empty
Improved: Campaigns page now do not list all multi-scraper fixed links

Version 3.76.0 (7 November 2023)

NEW: upgraded OpenAI 3.5 turbo model to the latest version gpt-3.5-turbo-1106
NEW: Added new OpenAI model gpt-4-1106-preview
NEW: Integration with Internal Link Juicer plugin for automatic internal links, a new tutorial added to the tutorials section
Fix: Multi-scraper 404 feed error posts are now sorted

More detail

Improved: Timeout increased for OpenAI calls to 300 seconds to cope with slow calls
Fix: Amazon import from best sellers pages now back to work
Fix: Amazon product price extraction for Electronics is now back to work
Fix: Auto hyperlink keywords now support non-latin characters

Version 3.77.1 (01 December 2023)

Fix: A fatal error caused by the previous version was sorted out

Version 3.77.3 (3 December 2023)

Fix: Load multi-paged content Feeds/multi-scraper caused the campaign to fail, now sorted

Version 3.77.7 (19 December 2023)

NEW: option to show private post types on the campaign page
Fix: Facebook broken links when the post is shared now sorted

Version 3.89.0 (27 January 2024)

NEW: New campaign type to import from Google Maps places/business
NEW: YouTube option to truncate the transcript to the desired length
NEW: APIFY now supports cookies for simulating logged-in and importing from protected sites with login
NEW: Updated Deepl-supported languages list

Version 3.91.0 (13 February 2024)

NEW: Dalle 3 new option to set size under modify OpenAI parameters
NEW: Option to remove consequent br tags from the content
Fix: AliExpress affiliate link generation now works correctly, a new cookie is now required
Fix: custom fields tag [featured_img_source] now works when using the FIFU plugin
Fix: YouTube hyperlink inline links now consider utf8 characters
Fix: Deepl translate the source language for English now back to work
Fix: Feeds/multi-scraper extract original meta description now works for Rank Math SEO plugin

Version 3.92.1 (27 February 2024)

Fix: Essential changes made to the plugin, please upgrade to this version ASAP
Fix: Feeds/multi-scraper auto-detect method now works for non-latin languages
Fix: Amazon image extraction back to work for mobile view after recent changes
Fix: Amazon Price extraction now works for mobile view after recent changes

Version 3.95.0 (15 May 2024)

NEW: OpenAI model gpt-4-turbo/gpt-4-turbo-2024-04-09 added
NEW: Option to not remember excluded links
NEW: AliExpress can now import specific products by product ID
Fix: Amazon price extraction now works correctly for RTL languages like Arabic

More detail

Fix: AliExpress images are back to work after recent changes, downloading images is now required

Fix: AliExpress now correctly extracts the product on some servers