Wovie - Movie and TV Series Streaming Platform

Wovie - Movie and TV Series Streaming Platform v5.1.0


Developer / Buy:
Introducing Wovie, the ultimate Movie and TV Series Streaming CMS Pro! Experience its power, flexibility, and user-friendly interface, along with an advanced video content management system.

Key Features:

Easy Installation: Set up Wovie effortlessly with our user-friendly installer and comprehensive documentation, no coding or developer required.
Source Code Access: We provide transparent access to our unencrypted source code, allowing you to customize and integrate it according to your specific requirements.
Ads Manager: Seamlessly integrate ad codes into dedicated slots within the admin panel for automatic display.
Multi-Languages: Translate Wovie into any language by simply editing a single file, enabling localization for diverse audiences.
SEO Friendly: Benefit from SEO-friendly links and optimized HTML code, ensuring search engine visibility and enhancing your website’s ranking.
Social Sharing: Drive traffic to your website through seamless social media integration, maximizing your online presence.
Community Engagement: Foster member interaction through comments and discussions, creating a vibrant and engaging community.
High Performance: Wovie delivers outstanding performance, meeting all Google Lighthouse standards for optimal user experience.
Advanced Player: Enjoy support for popular video formats, including Mp4, TS, and m3e8, ensuring compatibility and smooth playback.
Experience the future of movie and TV series streaming with Wovie!