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WP Cerber Security PRO 9.6


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WP Cerber is a professional security platform for WordPress, trusted by over 200,000 customers. It offers advanced firewall and anti-spam solutions to protect websites against cyberattacks, bots, bad actors, spam, and malware. The plugin is blazingly fast and reliable by design. Some of the key features of WP Cerber include: Blocks malicious activity before it harms your data with sophisticated inspection algorithms that screen incoming requests for malicious code patterns and traffic anomalies. Mitigates brute force and code injection attacks. Restricts access with GEO country rules. Prevents both REST API and ordinary user enumerations. Uses a global list of IP addresses known for malicious activity. Detects bots by using heuristic and content-based algorithms. Anti-spam for all forms on a website. Protects WooCommerce forms and check-out page. Protects registration, lost password and login forms. Country rules restrict form submissions by a set of GEO rules. Automatically cleans up spam comments. WP Cerber also includes a malware scanner & integrity checker that alerts you to any changes. It thoroughly scans every file and folder on your website for malware, trojans, and viruses, and automatically removes them. The plugin monitors new, changed, and suspicious files, and offers automatic virus, trojan, and malware removal as well as automatic WordPress file recovery. Scheduled scans can be set on an hourly or daily basis. With WP Cerber, you can take advantage of their unique expertise. Their team is deliberate about actively maintaining and consistently improving the plugin to ensure it remains a viable and modern security solution for years to come. Traffic Inspector provides an additional security layer that screens all suspicious requests and blocks them before they can harm a website. Rich GEO access rules allow you to restrict access and form submissions with GEO country rules. You can set your own rules on what countries can submit forms, post comments, login, register, use WordPress REST API or XML-RPC. The plugin keeps you informed by alerting you to selected events with emails and security scanner reports. Whatever happens, the plugin keeps you in the loop. Cerber Security Cloud detects malicious IP addresses around the world in real time and blocks them before they can harm your website or inject spam. The plugin logs user activity and HTTP requests for authorized and non-authorized users. Live traffic viewer shows all HTTP requests with all fields. Cybercriminals are tracked using a real-time database of IP addresses known to disseminate spam, attempts to break into websites, phishing attacks, and other forms of malicious activity. In summary, WP Cerber is an advanced security solution for WordPress that offers comprehensive protection against cyber threats. With its advanced firewall, anti-spam, malware scanner & integrity checker features, it’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to secure their WordPress website.

= 9.5.6 =

New: WP Cerber now sends 2FA verification codes via SMTP. If an SMTP server is set up in the WP Cerber settings, it will be used to send these codes.
New: Implemented a backup method for sending emails via an SMTP server. If an attempt to send an email through the SMTP server fails, WP Cerber will resort to using the default WordPress mailer.
New: Email error reporting has been introduced. If an error occurs while WP Cerber is sending an email, the error details are captured and shown as a warning on the WP Cerber dashboard.
Improved: If your website crashes and displays the WordPress message “There has been a critical error on this website”, WP Cerber captures and logs fatal PHP errors.
Improved: WP Cerber now identifies and shows the name, version and author of a plugin or a theme that produced PHP errors.
Improved: All users with prohibited usernames (logins) are marked with the red label “PROHIBITED” on the Users admin page.
Improved: The limits on the maximum length of SMTP setting fields have been increased from 28 characters to 64.
Fixed: If HTTP redirection is set to handle attempts to access protected areas, and WP Cerber blocks an intruder’s IP address, no email alerts are sent even if lockout alerting is enabled.

= 9.5.8 =

New: Mitigating excessive use of the WordPress password reset form. Whenever WP Cerber detects multiple attempts to reset password for non-existing users, the IP address gets blocked.
Fixed: Erroneous events “Password reset request denied” are logged to the Activity log.
Fixed: If WP Cerber is unable to create its diagnostic log, it produces the software error “PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ValueError: Path cannot be empty in”.
Fixed: When browsing plugin updates on the Dashboard / Updates page, no details about the last release of WP Cerber is shown in the pop-up window.

= 9.6 =

New: You can control the amount of sign-in attempt details that are shown in 2FA email messages. You can also disable this section completely.
Improved: You can have individual 2FA email configuration for each role on your WordPress and configure per-user settings as well.

Improved: A new “Login Security” section on the user edit page in the professional version of WP Cerber.

More detail

Improved: New status for activity log entries: “Access denied by plugin settings.” It indicates that a given request is denied based on settings within the WP Cerber configuration.
Breaking changes: The feature to use a separate user email address for receiving 2FA codes is available in the professional version of WP Cerber only.
Fixed: A fatal PHP error occurs when “Data Shield” is enabled, and a plugin tries to change WordPress settings without loading pluggable PHP functions: “Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wp_get_current_user() in /wp-cerber/cerber-common.php:1820”