WP-Lister: Integrate WooCommerce with eBay and Amazon

WP-Lister Pro for eBay 3.5.5


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WP Lab

WP-Lister is a plugin that allows you to integrate WooCommerce with eBay and Amazon. It makes it easy to manage and update all your listings no matter how large your eBay inventory is. You can create a listing profile once and apply it to any number of products. This saves time and increases productivity by creating one profile that can be applied to all your products. WP-Lister also allows you to connect your eBay account, update site-specific eBay data like shipping options and categories, create a listing template, and create your first profile

= 3.4.6 - 2023-08-22 =

  • Hotfix: Unable to pull Item Specifics from the eBay REST API

= 3.5.0 - 2023-09-08 =

  • New: Support for WooCommerce’s High Performance Order Storage feature
  • New: Added the Post Italiane shipping provider
  • New: Added a setting to select the product statuses that can be published to eBay
  • New: Variation Size Mapping to display different variation options to eBay depending on the marketplace
More detail
  • Tweak: Improved licensing system with regular status checks
  • Tweak: Improved performance when searching for listings
  • Tweak: Send stock monitor notifications to the admin email
  • Tweak: Item Specifics UI
  • Fix: Fatal error in calculating Product Bundles stocks
  • Fix: Fatal error when editing post comments
  • Fix: Fatal error in the Lite version when importing orders from eBay
  • Fix: Error trying to assign a Secondary Store Category
  • Fix: Error saving response_url from eBay Messages
  • Fix: Error when saving an empty response from eBay
  • Fix: Warnings in the Orders page
  • Fix: Notices in the Edit Product page
  • Fix: Missing CategoryTreeID for NL-BE marketplace
  • Fix: Timeout while trying to activate the license
  • Fix: Set WC order’s status to Refunded when the full order amount has been refunded on eBay
  • Fix: Refunds not getting processed when “refund including line items” is selected
  • Fix: Errors in the Listings page when one or more listings are assigned to a non-existing profile
  • Fix: Feedback text not getting stored and displayed in the View/Edit Order page
  • Fix: Warnings in the Edit Profile page
  • Fix: eBay total sales tax being added as line taxes
  • Dev: Removed references to some order attributes that have been marked as deprecated by eBay
  • Dev: Removed unnecessary logs
  • Dev: Added missing primary keys on some tables
  • Dev: Added a prefix to the instance ID to fix some activation errors
  • Dev: Updated GuzzleHttp/Psr7 to 1.9.1

= 3.5.5 - 2023-11-14 =

  • New: Added support for the new Category Descriptor fields for Trading Cards
  • Fix: Warnings when displaying admin messages
  • Fix: Lite version broken Edit Orders page
  • Fix: Missing Category Tree ID for BE marketplace
More detail
  • Fix: Custom eBay title not getting the prefix and suffix from the profile
  • Fix: Archived GTC listings not getting cleared automatically
  • Fix: Some sites are not getting notified of new releases
  • Dev: Added the filter wple_product_get_price