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WP STAGING is an enterprise code quality plugin that allows you to clone, backup, and migrate WordPress websites. It is trusted by more than 135,000 users and businesses in 130 countries. With WP STAGING, you can backup and restore your entire WordPress site more reliably, create a copy of WordPress with one click for development, and transfer or duplicate your website to another server. The plugin is known for its high performance, as backup and cloning are much faster than with other plugins. Additionally, all data resides on your server, and nothing is submitted to the cloud. WP STAGING also supports multisites, allowing you to clone and push multisites, including main and network sites. The plugin is German-engineered and has undergone more than 1000 automatic unit and acceptance tests on every release and during development. This leads to a highly robust code base that is easy to maintain and future-proof for any upcoming WordPress release. With WP STAGING, you can use WordPress like a professional!

= 5.0.3 =

  • New: Add dropbox cloud storage backup provider. #1881
  • New: Add support for custom domain based multisites. Network sites will be created in a subdomain. E.g.If the main site is “example.com” and the staging site destination url is “staging.example.com” then the live network site example.org will be cloned to staging.example.org and the network site example.net will be cloned to staging.example.net automatically. #2600
  • New: Add more options to wp cli backup backup-create command #2468
  • New: Add new contact us modal for free version to be able to provide better support to free users. #2246
  • New: Create staging site as default into ‘example.com/wp-content/wp-staging-sites/staging-site- name’ if root folder is not writable. #2438
  • Enh: Revise warnings in the symlink modal tooltip and improve the HTML syntax structure #2668
  • Enh: Transform the ‘click here’ hyperlink into a button on the staging site to enable staging site cloning #2664
  • Enh: Show admin notice on staging site if symlink option has been used to create it #2667
  • Enh: Added target URL when transferring staging site to live site #2362
  • Fix: Show admin notice on all pages on live or staging site if current site uses wpstgtmp_ or wpstgbak_ table prefixes as live table. #2666
  • Fix: Canceling the New CLONING process would delete all tables of production site if advanced settings were used to provide custom prefix for staging site with same database and host as production site. #2665
  • Fix: WP Staging backup folder gets deleted during restore on Windows OS. This can lead to an interuption and fatal error of the backup restore. #2690
  • Fix: Improve condition whether a table belongs to current site table during PUSH when cleaning temporary tables. #2686
  • Fix: If database tables prefix contains underscore like wp_12345, the sql backup part in multiparts backup is detected as separate backup. #2656
  • Fix: Having residual tables with wpstgbak_ prefix can leads to unsuccessful PUSH and backup RESTORE. Unless the current site prefix is wpstgbak_, these tables are now removed before starting RESTORE and PUSH #2576
  • Fix: Added style enhancement of changing the cursor to a pointer when interacting with the ‘Contact Us’ button #2662
  • Fix: Copied generated login link contains inline css style. #2654

= 5.0.6 =

  • Fix: There could be a fatal error after plugin activation on multisites if a plugin uses the filter site_option_active_sitewide_plugins. #2785
  • Fix: Theme Twenty Twenty Three has a bug that leads to corrupt staging sites. The transient _transient_wp_core_block_css_files breaks the css after migrating or creating a new staging site. This transient will be deleted on a freshly created staging site. Related: WordPress default block inline styles not loading in frontend | WordPress.org #2778
  • Dev: Add make command to check class method return type hints #2769

= 5.1.0 =

  • New: Compatible up to WordPress 6.3.2
  • New: Exclude GoDaddy mu-plugin by default when creating a staging site. #2744
  • New: Add modal to opt-in for diagnostic monitoring after first installation. #2391
More detail
  • New: An active installation of the free core plugin will be mandatory for pro version 5.1.0 and later. #2612
  • Enh: Added information into system info logs to indicate whether the site is a single site or a multi-site. #2790
  • Enh: Show notice that permalinks won’t work on WP Engine sites. #2142
  • Enh: Add Contact Us button to the main menu bar. #2763
  • Enh: Update license updater and fix a small error that can lead to broken API requests. #2817
  • Enh: Remove type strictness from optimizer plugin functions which are used with wp hooks to avoid conflict with other plugins. #2830
  • Fix: Backup uploading to FTP fails if ftpclient is used and ssl enabled. #2750
  • Fix: Staging login doesn’t work if Wordfence Activated option exists in the database but there is no Wordfence plugin active. #2812
  • Fix: Magic login link does not work if only the free version is active on the staging site. This requires updating WP Staging Free and Pro plugin on staging site. #2781
  • Fix: Custom WP content paths inside ABSPATH were not correctly cloned for newly created staging site. This could led to missing images and languages. #2740
  • Fix: When editing staging sites database connection, don’t make live sites database prefix mandatory when staging site uses an external database. #2768
  • Fix: Deprecated warning in login form can prevent login to staging site. #2804
  • Fix: Upgrade routine was not working for wpstg_queue table for adding response field in the table for FREE version. #2828
  • Fix: During the file extraction of backup restore, file_put_contents is more consistent and faster than touch. Can prevent a site from being broken after backup restore due to possible bug in php 8.1.22. #2807
  • Dev: Add setup for e2e testing of wordpress.com support. #2739

5.1.3 Release November 17, 2023

Fix: There was a potential security vulnerability due to which a malicious user could eventually exploit and access the wp staging cache folder. This issue is now fixed. The security issue was found by Thanks to Dmitrii Ignatyev from cleantalk.org. #2908
Fix: Siteground related issue: file_put_contents() doesn’t free up resource automatically immediately, which caused error 500 during backup extraction on SiteGround hosting (due to limited resources). #2868
Fix: For domain based subsites during backup restore, home and site_url were not adjusted properly automatically. #2857

5.2.0 Release December 20, 2023

Read more about this release here.

New: Support up to WordPress 6.4.2
New: Adding feature to create backup of individual network site in multisite installations. #2795

More detail

New: Add backup settings in backup logs. #2969
Fix: Automatic backup repair if the backup file index is corrupted. #2861
Fix: Saves remote storage backup in the database for use when calculating the number of backup to keep on remote storage. #2856
Security: Prevent accessing the content of backup cache files created during cloning and pushing jobs. #2984

5.3.1 Release January 15, 2024

Fix: Handle warnings when unable to unserialize serialized data during cloning. #3004
Fix: Don’t logout when restoring backup wp.com site on last step when database was not restored. #3031
Fix: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError when using Litespeed server. #3060

5.3.3 Release February 05, 2024

New: Support for WordPress 6.4.3
New: Add filter wpstg.push_excluded_directories to exclude specific folders during push. #3050
New: Add ‘Do review link’ to backup success modal after staging site and backup creation. #3085
Enh: Reduce number of API calls to wp-staging.com for version number checking. #3091

More detail

Enh: Add option to use APPEND Mode for uploading backup using FTP from settings UI. #3044
Enh: Add loading icon during activation of the free version. #3041
Enh: Improve the message when backup has been created with older version of WP Staging. #3033
Enh: Make sure the checkbox icon appears at centre on all system. #2920
Enh: Make sure that font size and view layout is consistent in staging and reset modal. #3104
Fix: Can not update email address for sending error reports. #3109
Fix: Deprecation message about dynamic properties thrown by Google Drive Api Model class. Show exact error message when unable to get resume URI for Google Drive backup upload. #3076
Fix: Make sure to not check external DB credentials in free version while creating staging site. #3054
Fix: Editing the backup schedule sometime re-creates the schedule cron at a wrong time. #3101
Fix: Add filter to hide primary key changes message and include primary key details in the system information. #2972
Fix: Not all files are sometimes pushed under certain situation. #3082
Fix: Scheduled Backups unable to run when a manually created backup exists. #3089
Fix: The backup retention number of Google Drive backups isn’t honored. #3063
Fix: Handle issues when unable to fetch information for external database during cloning requirements. #3029
Fix: Show correct version of WP Staging in backup and staging log files. #3010
Fix: Type error when passing multiple parameters using hooks methods. #3064
Fix: Reduce height of the delete staging site modal. #3058
Tweak: Keep only wp-staging* plugins active during database renaming process on backup restore to avoid conflict. #3095
Tweak: Deprecate Filter ‘wpstg.ftpclient.forceUseFtpExtension’ as we already provide alternate option in FTP settings UI. #3053
Tweak: Improve success message after push about clearing site and theme cache, which may be required if the front page appears different than expected. #3003
Dev: Add initial level logic to support Backup Compression and Restore of Compressed Backups. #2555
Dev: Reduce number of manual e2e dispatch call by adding wp cli and cloud storages e2e in full PRO e2e suite and run them in parallel. #3073

5.4.1 Release March 08, 2024

Enh: Remove files that were false-positive detected as malicious. #3184
Fix: Remove two css files accidentially loaded on the frontpage. #3208
Fix: Remove standalone installer – Not ready yet. #3218
Fix: Make sure to not encode single and double quotes while downloading log files. #3168

= 5.4.2 =

  • New: Tested on WordPress 6.5.0
  • Fix: If endurance-page-cache mu-plugin is installed (on Bluehost and Hostgator) a staging site shows white page error then. #3216
  • Fix: Backup retention does not work for backups created on a staging site. #3138
  • Fix: Backup log entries could contain log entries from staging processing under certain circumstances. #3079
More detail
  • Fix: Moved tmp directory to wp-content/wp-staging/tmp to fix a cross-device link error on sites hosted on Azure. #3213
  • Fix: Make sure that there are no errors in console after uploading backup to remote storages. #3258
  • Fix: Handle complex table relation syntax on SQL dumper and restorer. #3259
  • Fix: Validate and handle null values before invoking strlen() to ensure compatibility and prevent runtime errors. #3127
  • Fix: Make network cloning more robust by supporting different combination of www prefix. #3230
  • UX: Make sure the loading placeholders are rendered properly over all pages. #3207
  • UX: Beautify “license invalid” messages. #3237
  • Enh: Don’t prefix html attribute ‘data’ by ‘wpstg’. #3048
  • Enh: Add pro clone features as inactive items to Actions button in wp staging free version. #3228
  • Dev: Add support for retrying failed tests in codeceptione2e suites. This is done to counter test flakiness. #3118
  • Dev: Update outdated code of wpstg uncomment command. #3245
  • Dev: e2e_backup_test make command was not using basic plugin when running basic tests. #3225
  • Dev: Adding improved logging. #3252

5.6.0 Release May 13, 2024

New: Compatible up to WordPress 6.5.3
New: Implemented dark mode UX with options to switch between ‘Default OS Mode’, ‘Lite Mode’ and ‘Dark Mode’ #3261
New: Now you can restore backup of single site and/or multisite subsite to self or another multisite subsite. (Pro) #3240
New: Allow user to push all folders under (/wp-content/). #2760

More detail

New: Add the a new user role ‘visitor’ to share login link option. (Pro) #3332
Enh: Add type hinting for ProTemplateIncluder. #3337
Enh: Make sure to prevent other plugins from injecting their messages into WP Staging UI. #3364 #3036
Fix: Keep cloud storage connected to Google Drive even if files listing from remote storage fails. (Pro) #3347
Enh: Revamped system-info page, ‘Purge Backup Queue’ modal and moved JavaScript code to a separate file. #3262
Enh: Automatically exclude uploads folder during push if it is a symlink. #2989
Fix: Sync User Account feature duplicates existing user as administrator role. #3311
Fix: Backup restore stuck on importing users for subsite when restoring an old backup on single site. #3373
Fix: Make sure to handle fatal error due to missing COLLATE while creating ‘wp_wpstg_queue’ table for scheduled backup. #3359
Fix: Hide the ‘wp-content/wp-staging-sites’ folder from staging site directory selection, as it is always excluded during cloning. #3267
Fix: Show exact error message for open_basedir restriction error if destination directory does not have write permissions. #3116
Fix: Memory usage of the staging site is higher than of the live site. #3307
Fix: Make sure to only sync production site’s users fields that exist in cloned site’s users table. #3362
Fix: Send log files from last 14 days and compress them before sending. Add Contact Us button to error messages. #3323
Fix: Make sure to display default login link on custom login form if login is blocked by a security plugin with OTP or 2FA enabled. #3293
Fix: Ensure that the All in One Security Plugin (AIOS) isn’t disabled by the wp staging optimizer when AIOS’s salt option is enabled. #3351
Fix: Reconnect DB if mysql has gone away during update of queue table. #3354
Fix: Create backup folder in google drive, if it does not exist, before uploading to backup cloud provider. #3381
Fix: Make sure loading bar is removed once a WP Staging page is refreshed successfully #3365
Dev: Add end-to-end tests for the standalone installer script. #3025
UX: Make sure that backup cards always look good. #3345
UX: Make sure that automatic backup icon looks good. #3338
UX: Display backup name and cloud storage settings in ‘Edit Backup Plans’ Modal. #3299

5.7.1 Release June 10, 2024

Fix: Unable to restore backup when it contains many files, which requires extracting in multiple requests. #3477