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The wpForo Addons by gVectors Team is a collection of 15 powerful addons that enhance the functionality of your wpForo forum. Some of the popular addons include:

  • WooCommerce Memberships Integration: This addon allows you to integrate your WooCommerce memberships with wpForo, providing a seamless experience for your users.
  • Tenor GIFs Integration: This addon allows you to easily add Tenor GIFs to your forum posts, adding an extra layer of fun and engagement for your users.
  • GIPHY Integration: Similar to the Tenor GIFs Integration, this addon allows you to easily add GIPHY GIFs to your forum posts.
  • Topic Prefix & Tag Manager: This addon allows you to easily manage topic prefixes and tags, helping you keep your forum organized and easy to navigate.

All of these addons are available for purchase on the gVectors website. They are affordably priced and provide excellent value for money. With these addons, you can take your wpForo forum to the next level!

Version 2.2.4

Compatibility: WordPress 6.4

Added: Hook to control enabled activity types for BuddyPress integration
Added: Better performance of Simplified forum layout

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Changed: Twitter to X, icons and labels
Fixed Bug: XSS vulnerability issue
Fixed Bug: User registration vulnerability
Fixed Bug: Validating uploaded avatar files
Fixed Bug: No way to select empty value for dropdown field
Fixed Bug: Fatal error: array_merge() argument #2 must be of type array, null given in wpforo/classes/Activity.php:217

wpForo Forum v2.3 Release Summary

Version 2.3.1

Fixed Bug: Member search issue when use profile title
Fixed Bug: Usergroup and User Role synchronization issues

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Fixed Bug: Editor focusing issue when using stickers and emojis
Fixed Bug: Permission issue for Authors to use Cross Posting addon
Fixed Bug: CSS Issue with the red circle notification on the admin bar
New Addon: wpForo – Groups Plugin Integration