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WPML is a WordPress plugin that helps you create and manage multilingual websites with ease. With WPML, you can translate your pages, posts, products, menus, widgets, and more into any language you want, and offer your visitors a seamless and user-friendly experience. You can also use WPML to run a multilingual SEO campaign and rank higher on search engines. WPML is compatible with any WordPress theme and plugin, and works with the most popular translation services and tools, such as Google Translate, DeepL, Lingotek, and more. You can also choose from different translation modes, such as manual, automatic, or professional, and control the quality and cost of your translations. WPML supports right-to-left languages, custom fields, custom post types, and WooCommerce extensions. WPML is the most popular WordPress multilingual plugin that will help you reach a global audience and grow your business. Whether you want to create a corporate website, an online store, a blog, or a portfolio, WPML is the perfect solution for you.

Version 4.6.5

  • Improved error handling when the preferred Translation Service is activated.
  • Copy/move flow: Added a force_code parameter to the migration url.
  • Copy/move flow: Changed the way the notice placeholder is presented.
  • Makes “needs translation update” preserve its original post language when the translation is updated from the posts list page.
  • Make sure the last selected translation method is properly persisted.
  • Removed unnecessary WPML fragment validation tags when applying translations.
More Detail
  • Adapted TP translations to restore wpml fragments on translation receive.
  • Improved the way the no-credit message is displayed in the admin bar.
  • Fixed an issue with broken wp-json requests when ‘All language’ is selected.
  • Removed the WPML_Canonicals_Hooks::maybe_fix_nginx_redirection_callback hook.
  • Fixed the redirection from “/lang_code/” to “/lang_code” when the permalink settings do not contain the trailing slash.
  • WP 6.3: Cleared the cache group post-queries inside WPML_Get_Page_By_Path::clear_cache.
  • Inheritance of Navigation LS orientation is now from the parent block if it exists, or from Navigation block context otherwise.
  • Saving only boolean value for the submenuExists attribute in Navigation Language Switcher.
  • Registering the Navigation Block category even if the post in editor context is empty to avoid console warnings when in site editor mode.
  • Added translations for site action notice for moved or copied sites.
  • Fixed Translation Management notices array when null is provided.
  • Fixed Media processing performance issues in the WPML Setup and in Add/Remove Languages.
  • Lazy loading of Translators and Managers on the Settings page to optimize capabilities query.
  • Better handling and creation of translation packages for posts used as originals.
  • Added a help documentation link to the WP Menu Sync.
  • Added more fixes for deprecation messages for PHP 8.1.
  • Fixed an SQL error that occurred when visiting an attachment assigned to a post with a non-translatable post type.
  • Removed jQuery dependency on the frontend.
  • Removed templates with parts and navigation view links on the Translation Management page.
  • Prevented subsequent errors when get_permalink is called with a fake WP_Post object.


  • Fixed a fatal error caused by Site Kit by Google (1.106).
  • [Beaver Themer] Copy layout edit mode custom field when saving translation from translation editors.
  • [Beaver Themer] Translate IDs in exclusions rules for layouts.
  • [Beaver Themer] Translate IDs in location rules for layouts.
  • [Elementor] Added support for video URLs in dynamic content settings.
  • [Elementor] Fixed a deprecation notice when dynamic tag string is null.
  • [Gutenberg] Fixed a bug not reusing translations because of strings packages cache.

V4.6.6.6 Updates:

WPML 4.6.6 – Fixes for String Translation and Multisite Setups
Fixes Included in String Translation 3.2.8
More details

4.6.7 - October 18, 2023

Fixed an issue where an error message during the automatic translation review would automatically disappear without user interaction.
Fixed an issue where the automatic trasnaltion review would display an obsolete, autosaved version of a translated post.
Fixed an issue where a new job could be created when user is reviewing a job with the “needs_update” status.

More detail

Fixed the following fatal error: InvalidArgumentException: element_id and type do not match.
Fixed the following fatal error: Uncaught InvalidArgumentException: Unknown column: rid or invalid id: 0 when translating a post.
Fixed an issue where jobs could be created with the “TP-ID = 0” status when sending jobs to a translation service.
Fixed an issue with the review process being ignored for content that was already published.
Fixed an issue with automatic jobs being stuck in certain scenarios.
New Features:
Added a troubleshooting option that allows using automatic translation when you have multiple domains linked to the same site.
Object Caching Improvements:
Fixed multiple issues with terms and object caching coming from terms_per_lang().
Fixed an issue where the “Calculating…” step could get stuck when sending jobs to automatic translation.
Fixed an issue where new translators were couldn’t be selected on the Translation Basket page until the cache is cleared.
Improved and reduced the number of queries for the translation status on the Posts listing page.
Enhanced the capabilities for editors with correct language pairs so they can access translation that is translated by a different translator.
Improved the API related to downloading XLIFF files for jobs retrieved from translation services.

WPML 4.6.8 – Automatic Translation for Forms and Other Enhancements - WPML

WPML 4.6.8 lets you send forms for automatic translation, easily review content translated into hidden languages, and more.

Version 4.6.9

January 10, 2024

Lazy load WPML admin notices option

More detail

Autoload required data instead of performing extra database queries
Improved the query for retrieving translations on the frontend when a large number of languages are active
Added a fix for requesting the Advanced Translation Editor (ATE) server for translation status for every language on post edit screen
Fixed a bug which caused very long response times when saving a post with multiple media attachments
Fixed an issue with the Advanced Translation Editor (ATE) API being called when no language mapping is set
Fixed a bug that prevented a custom Editor role from editing translations
Fixed an issue with the Archive page being redirected to an incorrect URL on sites set up on a subfolder, with the language URL option set to “Default language in directory”
Fixed a minor user interface (UI) issue in the WPML translation status in the admin bar
Fixed an incorrect documentation URL in the “Languages per directory” option
Fixed an issue with a broken parent-child relationship when a child page is translated first
Fixed a PHP 7 compatibility issue
Fixed an issue with hreflang for the default language on the home page rendered without a slash, conflicting with the canonical URL
Fixed a fatal error in WPML → Language → Edit language after the languages have been reset, with a custom language set as the default
Fixed an issue with language mapping changes not in sync with values in the Advanced Translation Editor (ATE) widget
Fixed a translation issue with object cache enabled on specific hosting (SiteGround)
Fixed an issue with a static homepage with the “Default language in directory” URL setup displaying all posts when the language parameter is added to the URL
Fixed an issue with the Language Switcher block used on a page without a Navigation block
Fixed a deprecated notice when posts are retranslated, overriding translation memory