XSender - Bulk Email, SMS and WhatsApp Messaging Application

XSender - Bulk Email, SMS & WhatsApp Messaging Application 2.1.1 NULLED


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XSender is a Laravel web application that sends bulk emails through SMTP, PHP Mailer, Send Grid API and also sends mass SMS via android device using SIM and SMS API Gateway. You can also send mass WhatsApp messaging, SMS and email as a promotional campaign or others. It is a bulk email, SMS and WhatsApp messaging application that is perfect for digital marketing.

Latest Version 2.0 [20 Oct 2023]

  • New Dashboard and Frontend UI
  • Menu rearrange
  • Report and Log update
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  • WhatsApp update for reduce blocking issue.
  • Log status issue fixed
  • Faild Log Resend and resubmit
  • Fixed 2 minor issue

Latest Version 2.1.1 [04 Feb 2024]

What’s New
A redesigned Pricing Plan System. This will let Admin’s to create a more dynamic pricing plans.
Carry Forward for Manual Renewals

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Dynamic Color for Admin & User Panel

Bug Fixes
Fixed the repeated loading animation on Test Gateway Clicks
Fixed an issue where user templates were not loading
Fixed A bug which gave 500 Error if pop up notification were enable

Minor Updates
A few changes for dynamic colors
Update a user’s pricing plan within their profile informations