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Introducing AutomatorWP Add-ons, a collection of over 120 add-ons designed to extend the capabilities of AutomatorWP. These add-ons allow you to connect your WordPress plugins and put them to work together, saving you time and money by automating tasks with no code.

Each add-on serves a different purpose, enabling you to customize your automation workflows based on the requirements of your site. From webhooks and multimedia content to user management and integration with popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and more, these add-ons offer a wide range of functionalities.

With AutomatorWP Add-ons, you can create triggers from your favorite plugins to start any automation. When all triggers get completed, the actions of your choice will get executed automatically. You can create automations linked to your WordPress activities and when any of them happen, you can make other things happen accordingly.

Whether you’re looking to automate user enrollment in a course, awarding ranks, sending data to Zapier, or any other task, AutomatorWP Add-ons have got you covered. Experience the power of automation with AutomatorWP Add-ons!

= 3.2.0 =

  • New Features
  • New integration: ClickUp.
  • ClickUp: New action: Add comment to a task.
  • ClickUp: New action: Add tag to a task.
More details
  • ClickUp: New action: Create a list.
  • ClickUp: New action: Create a new task in list.
  • New integration: Kadence Blocks.
  • Kadence Blocks: New trigger: User submits a form.
  • Kadence Blocks: New trigger: Guest submits a form.
  • New integration: WP All Import.
  • WP All Import: New trigger: User completes an import.
  • WP All Import: New trigger: User imports posts of a type.

= 3.4.0 =

  • Improvements
  • Added checks to avoid unnecessary ajax requests.


Ensure times option in triggers does not allow value zero.
Added confitions to WordPress triggers related to metas.


Improved SQL queries to add indexes.


New Features
Availability to create Action Tags.
Ensure compatibility of form integrations with the new Trigger Tags.
WPCode: Ensure compatibility with PRO version.