eFood: Comprehensive Food Delivery System with Laravel Admin Panel and Delivery Man App

eFood - Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin Panel and Delivery Man App 10.2



Introducing eFood, a comprehensive food delivery system designed to streamline your food delivery service and enhance your business operations. This system is equipped with a Laravel Admin Panel and a Delivery Man App, providing a robust and efficient solution for managing your food delivery business.

eFood is an innovative food delivery system that combines technology with convenience. It is built on the Laravel framework, ensuring high performance and security. The system includes an intuitive admin panel that allows you to manage orders, track deliveries, and oversee your entire operation with ease.

The Delivery Man App is a dedicated application for your delivery personnel. It provides real-time updates on orders, optimized route suggestions for deliveries, and allows for efficient communication between the admin and the delivery personnel.

Key Features:

  1. Laravel Admin Panel: Manage your business operations seamlessly with our user-friendly admin panel. Track orders, manage customers, and oversee your delivery personnel all in one place.

  2. Delivery Man App: Empower your delivery personnel with our dedicated app. Real-time order updates, optimized route suggestions, and efficient communication tools make deliveries swift and efficient.

  3. Real-Time Order Tracking: Keep your customers informed about their order status with real-time updates.

  4. Optimized Route Suggestions: Save time and fuel with our system’s optimized route suggestions for deliveries.

  5. Efficient Communication Tools: Facilitate smooth communication between your admin team and delivery personnel.

  6. Secure & Reliable: Built on the Laravel framework, eFood ensures high performance and security.

eFood is not just a food delivery system; it’s a complete solution for managing your food delivery business effectively and efficiently.

Version 10.2 – 09 November 2023

  • Firebase authentication using mobile number
  • Offline payment verification from Admin Panel
  • Mobile number/Mail verification process improved
  • Minor bug fixed and improvement
More detail
  • Made the Flutter apps compatible with Flutter SDK 3.13.9