Elite Video Player - WordPress Plugin for Responsive and Customizable Videos

Elite Video Player v6.8.4.2 - WordPress



Elite Video Player is a WordPress plugin that lets you create stunning video players for your website. Whether you want to showcase your own videos or stream videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Amazon S3, or Dropbox, Elite Video Player has you covered.

With Elite Video Player, you can customize every aspect of your video player, from the layout, colors, skins, thumbnails, subtitles, to the playback options, ads, annotations, and more. You can also create playlists, categories, chapters, and bookmarks for your videos, making them easy to navigate and enjoy.

Elite Video Player is responsive, touch-friendly, and cross-browser compatible. It supports HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), MPEG-DASH, 360 degree videos, VR (Virtual Reality) videos, and Google Cardboard. It also integrates with Google Analytics, so you can track your video performance and audience behavior.

Some of the features of Elite Video Player are:

  • Multiple video sources: YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosted MP4/WebM videos, Google Drive videos, Amazon S3 videos, Dropbox videos
  • Multiple video qualities: HD/SD/4K/8K
  • Multiple skins: 12 pre-built skins to choose from or create your own
  • Multiple subtitles: support for .srt or .vtt files
  • Multiple ads: pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, pop-up ads with skip option
  • Multiple annotations: add interactive elements to your videos such as images, links, buttons, etc.
  • Multiple modes: normal mode, theater mode, fullscreen mode
  • Sticky mode: keep your video visible while scrolling the page
  • Picture-in-picture mode: watch your video in a floating window while browsing other tabs
  • Lightbox mode: open your video in a modal window with a click of a button
  • Embed mode: allow your visitors to embed your video on their own websites
  • Social sharing: share your video on Facebook, Twitter, or via email
  • Keyboard shortcuts: control your video with keyboard keys
  • Mouse wheel: control volume or seek with mouse wheel
  • Right-click menu: customize the right-click menu options
  • GDPR consent: comply with GDPR regulations by asking for user consent before playing the video