InfyPOS - The Ultimate Laravel POS System with Advanced Inventory Management and React JS SPA

POS v2.2.2 - Ultimate POS system with Inventory Management System



InfyPOS is an advanced Laravel POS system that helps you create orders and manage the inventory of multiple warehouses with products. It has a very attractive and easy-to-use POS screen, which is the heart of any POS system. You can create different orders from that POS screen and print the receipt. InfyPOS also supports barcode scanning into the POS screen, allowing you to connect a barcode scanner and scan the barcode of an existing POS system to add that product as an order item into the POS screen. Each product will have its barcode based on the added code of the product. InfyPOS has an advanced report system that helps the admin get an overview of the system in just minutes. Some key features include an easy-to-use admin panel, attractive and user-friendly POS screen, beautiful dashboard view, users management, customers management, warehouse management, and more. InfyPOS is a great solution for managing your inventory and sales in one place!