Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System: The Ultimate Online Ordering and Membership Solution

Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System Premium 1.1.4 NULLED


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The Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System is a powerful online ordering and membership solution for restaurants. With this system, you can easily manage multiple restaurants, menus, and orders from a single platform. Some of the key features of the Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System include:

  • Multiple restaurant management
  • Online ordering
  • Membership solution
  • Restaurant management

Overall, the Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System is a comprehensive solution for restaurant owners looking to improve their online presence and streamline their operations.

Version 1.1.2 – 29 October 2023

fixed - upload csv language file if language has spaces
update - re-arrange access menu
update - locate address from map after entering address in home page
fixed - booking time slot

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fixed - voucher code computation when using exchange rate
fixed - if date/time is already passed
fixed - price list in menu not responsive
update - push notifications to customer app
update - Banner to add food wise and restaurant featured
add - new permission menu for merchant dashboard widgets
add - get my current location in map
add - drap map
add - sort banner
new - add selection of booking tables during checkout if transaction type is dinein
new - debit coupons/points to merchant when created by merchant
new - debit coupons/points to admin when created by website owner
new - add custom css for front end and backend
fixed - some minor issue


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Version 1.1.4 – 31 January 2024
new - ewallet history in customer details
new - points history in customer details
new - send push message when sending chat message
new - points expirations
new - points thresholds - backoffice → loyalty points → settings → Enabled thresholds
new - pay on delivery selection of merchant
new - add campaign for merchant to join loyalty points
new - options to disabled include utensil
new - add email subscriptions
new - SEO sitemap XML - backoffice → website → XML sitemap
new - add cuisine tag in food tems
new - add tag in restaurant results for free delivery first order
update - translation words - backoffice → attributes → language → update
update - move all crons details to backoffice → utilities → cron jobs
fixed - custom url manager if merchant slug is empty
fixed - custom url manager if cuisine slug is empty
fixed - free delivery on first order
fixed - support arabic PDF file
fixed - issue with km still show distance in miles
fixed - get new orders to select only today
fixed - saved payment list during checkout
fixed - offline bank deposit send instructions - cpayments.php
fixed - some minor issue