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Introducing the Meta Box AIO - your comprehensive solution for all Meta Box extensions. This all-in-one package is designed to streamline your website development process, offering a wide range of tools and features in one convenient bundle.

The Meta Box AIO is a powerful tool for developers, providing a plethora of extensions that enhance the functionality of your WordPress site. Whether you’re looking to create custom fields, build forms, or manage your media files, Meta Box AIO has got you covered.

Key Features:

  1. All-In-One Solution: With Meta Box AIO, you get access to all premium extensions in one package. This means no more searching for individual extensions - everything you need is right at your fingertips.

  2. Custom Fields: Create and manage custom fields with ease. Whether it’s text, images, or even Google Maps, Meta Box AIO supports a wide variety of field types.

  3. Form Builder: Build forms quickly and easily with the built-in form builder. From simple contact forms to complex multi-page forms, the possibilities are endless.

  4. Media Management: Manage your media files efficiently with advanced features like custom image sizes, image cropping, and more.

  5. Regular Updates: Stay up-to-date with regular updates and improvements. With Meta Box AIO, you can rest assured that you’re always getting the best features and performance.

  6. Excellent Support: Got a question or need help? The dedicated support team is always ready to assist you.

With Meta Box AIO, website development has never been easier or more efficient. Try it today and experience the difference!

1.24.0 - 2023-11-28

META BOX BUILDER 4.6.3 - 2023-11-28

Don’t use PHP’s eval() in the Theme Code generator

More detail

Validate and sanitize ID to avoid bad forms
Add support for new icon field type
Fix import field group does not take ID from JSON file
Fix theme code generated for sub-groups

Improve how to select predefined/suggested values in conditional logic, group title, post/term/user query options, etc. Previously use input’s datalist, but now use a beautiful dropdown.
Add button to expand/collapse all fields
Add arrow button for less confuse how to toggle field settings
Increase toggle settings area to the whole item header
Always show a blank option for select to let you unselect an option
Fix tab icon not updated when adding a new tab
MB REST API 2.0.1 – 2022-10-14
Complete rewrite the plugin for clarity and maintainability
Add support for settings page, allow you to get and update data for settings pages
Show errors when updating non-existing fields
Ensure group value is always an array. Fix PHP warning when group has no values.
MB CUSTOM TABLE 2.1.8 - 2023-11-27
Allow developers to set message class via $GET[‘message-status’] param
Add “mbct_add_data” and “mbct_update_data” filters to let developers change data before inserting/updating into the DBAdd filter
{$this->model->name}_total_items" to get total items for models
Fix PHP notice when accessing non-model pages
MB USER PROFILE 2.5.3 - 2023-11-16
Support toggle password button on the login form
Add filters for submit buttons (“rwmb_profile_info_submit_button” and “rwmb_profile_register_submit_button”)
Fix cannot delete Elementor widget (#28)
MB RELATIONSHIPS 1.11.3 – 2023-11-16
Add a config constant MB_RELATIONSHIPS_DELETE_DATA to delete plugin data when uninstalling (#74)
Fix getting users not following the order in the admin (#73)

1.24.2 - 2024-02-02

MB REVISION 1.3.7 - 2024-02-02
Fix conflict with Elementor
META BOX BUILDER 4.6.5 - 2024-02-02
Fix not loading styles for relationships and settings pages.

Meta Box AIO Changelog - Meta Box

Meta Box AIO Changelog - Meta Box

1.26.0 - 2024-04-17

MB BLOCKS 1.5.0 - 2024-04-17

The plugin now supports creating blocks with block.json, which aligns with the WordPress’s recommended method to create blocks. This allows the blocks created with MB Blocks will be compatible with future development of WordPress and the block editor.

More detail

With the support of block.json, the plugin now fully supports Full-Site Editing (FSE). So you can use the blocks in FSE’s templates.

This update also makes rendering the block easier by automatically preparing the fields’ values and put them directly in the $attributes parameter.

For details, please see the documentation.

META BOX BUILDER 4.7.0 - 2024-04-17

This version supports creating block.json for blocks, which is supported in MB Blocks 1.5.0. This also prepares for a future updates to support more settings/edits for blocks.

Other changes:

Add save format to time field
Only show menu for admin role
Support to show fields for specific terms (requires Meta Box Include Exclude extension)
Fix changing field type to the group crashes the UI
Fix not selecting title & id in the header bar with the mouse
META BOX INCLUDE EXCLUDE 1.1.1 - 2024-04-13
Support to show, hide fields on specific terms
MB USER PROFILE 2.5.5 - 2024-04-08
Increase the click area of show password icon
Fix date picker not localized
Only show menu for admin role
MB FRONTEND SUBMISSION 4.4.3 - 2024-04-08
Add new filter rwmb_frontend_dashboard_status
Fix date picker not localized
Fix admin color scheme
Fix strings not localized
MB RELATIONSHIPS 1.12.1 – 2024-04-11
Fix admin filter compatibility with Visual Composer
Fix image fields not working for author and user

Meta Box AIO Changelog - Meta Box

Meta Box AIO Changelog - Meta Box