OpenAI Davinci - AI Writing Assistant and Content Creator as SaaS

OpenAI Davinci - AI Writing Assistant & Content Creator Php SaaS 4.2 NULLED Extended

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OpenAI Davinci is an innovative AI-powered writing assistant and content creator offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. With its unique capabilities and user-friendly interface, OpenAI Davinci empowers users to create high-quality and engaging content effortlessly.

Key Features:

  1. Intelligent Content Generation: Harness the power of artificial intelligence to generate compelling and well-structured content. OpenAI Davinci uses advanced algorithms to assist you in creating blog posts, articles, social media content, and more.
  2. Natural Language Processing: Enjoy a seamless writing experience with OpenAI Davinci’s natural language processing capabilities. Communicate with the AI assistant using conversational language, making content creation intuitive and efficient.
  3. Topic Research and Suggestions: Save time and effort with topic research and suggestions provided by OpenAI Davinci. Get inspiration and discover trending ideas to enhance your content creation process.
  4. Grammar and Style Correction: Ensure your content is error-free and polished with OpenAI Davinci’s grammar and style correction features. The AI assistant helps identify grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, and suggests improvements to enhance readability.
  5. Content Optimization: Optimize your content for search engines with OpenAI Davinci’s SEO recommendations. Receive insights and suggestions to improve keyword usage, meta tags, and overall content structure.
  6. Multilingual Support: Create content in multiple languages with ease. OpenAI Davinci supports a wide range of languages, allowing you to reach a global audience and expand your content reach.
  7. Content Personalization: Tailor your content to specific audiences or personas with OpenAI Davinci’s content personalization capabilities. Create customized content that resonates with your target readers and increases engagement.
  8. Time-Saving Automation: Streamline your content creation process and save valuable time. OpenAI Davinci automates repetitive tasks, such as generating outlines, structuring content, and creating summaries.
  9. Collaboration and Teamwork: Collaborate with team members and clients seamlessly using OpenAI Davinci. Share drafts, gather feedback, and work together to create exceptional content efficiently.
  10. Secure and Reliable: Trust OpenAI Davinci’s robust security measures to protect your data and content. With encrypted communication and data storage, your information remains secure at all times.

Experience the power of OpenAI Davinci—an AI writing assistant and content creator that revolutionizes the way you create engaging and compelling content. From topic research to grammar correction and content optimization, OpenAI Davinci offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your content creation process. Boost your productivity, save time, and create exceptional content with OpenAI Davinci.

02.07.2023 - v2.3 Updates:

 - New: Template text streaming feature added
 - New: Stable diffusion SDXL v0.9 engine added
 - New: OpenAI GPT 3.5 Turbo 16K model added
 - New: New tag added for original and custom templates
 - New: 15 New Languages: Tamil (Malaysia), Persian (Iran), English (UK), Slovak, Latvian, Albanian, Filipino, Khmer (Cambodia), Bangla, Bengali (India), Welsh, Catalan, Serbian, Maltese, Irish added
 - New: Text Extender templates added
 - New: Rewrite with Keywords templates added
 - New: Song Lyrics templates added
 - New: Business Ideas templates added
 - New: LinkedIn Posts templates added
More details
 - New: Company Bio templates added
 - New: Email Subject Lines templates added
 - New: Product Benefits templates added
 - New: Selling Product Titles templates added
 - New: Product Comparisons templates added
 - New: Product Characteristics templates added
 - New: Twitter Tweets templates added
 - New: TitTok Video Scripts templates added
 - New: LinkedIn Ad Headlines templates added
 - New: LinkedIn Ad Descriptions templates added
 - New: App and SMS Notifications templates added
 - New: Tone Changer templates added
 - New: Amazon Product Features templates added
 - New: Dictionary templates added
 - New: Privacy Policy templates added
 - New: Terms and Conditions templates added
 - New: Clickbait Titles templates added
 - New: Company Press Release templates added
 - New: Brand/Product Press Release templates added
 - New: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) Framework templates added
 - New: Before–After–Bridge (BAB) Framework templates added
 - New: Promise–Picture–Proof–Push (PPPP) Framework templates added
 - New: Brand Names templates added
 - New: Ad Headlines templates added
 - New: Newsletter Generator templates added
 - Update: Side menu panel updated
 - Update: User credits view updated
 - Update: AI Voiceover characters view feature updated
 - Fix: Ai Voiceover result view audio play bar fixed
 - Fix: Saving stable diffusion main api key issue fixed

16.07.2023 - v2.4 updates:

 - New: Team Members feature added
 - New: Flutter payment gateway added
 - New: Midtrans payment added
 - Fix: Template user notifications fixed
 - Fix: Youtube tag generator template fixed
 - Fix: Instagram hashtag generator template fixed
 - Fix: Meta description generator template fixed
 - Fix: Dashboard setting templates as favorite issue fixed
 - Fix: Affiliate feature not visible in the side menu when disabled improved
 - Fix: Voiceover delete synthesize

23.07.2023 - v2.5

 - New: Paddle payment gateway added
 - New: Yookassa payment gateway added
 - Update: Team members feature updated
 - Update: Templates max word length accuracy updated
 - Update: Paypal webhook updated
 - Fix: Ai Voiceover css mobile alignments improved
 - Fix: User dashboard favorite templates & chats view

04.09.2023 - v2.7

 - New: AI Image creation page redesigned
 - New: Document view images page redesigned
 - New: Negative prompt added for Stable Diffusion
 - New: CFG Scale (prompt strength) added for Stable Diffusion
 - New: Diffusion Steps added for Stable Diffusion
 - New: Independent models for AI Chat at subscription plan creation added
 - Update: All spelling errors fixed
 - Update: Count Chinese and Japanese words improved
 - Update: Performance of all select dropdowns improved
 - Fix: Promocode for lifetime checkout page missing fixed
 - Fix: Twitter log

16.10.2023 - v2.8

 - New: Iyzico payment gateway added for prepaid/lifetime plans
 - New: Unlimited words/images/characters/minutes option added
 - New: Use your own personal Openai API key feature added
More detail
 - New: Use your own Stable Diffusion API key feature added
 - New: About Us page added
 - New: Contact Us page added
 - New: Frontend - update How it Works section via admin panel
 - New: Frontend - update AI Tools section via admin panel
 - New: Frontend - update Features section via admin panel
 - New: AI Chat conversation search option added
 - New: AI Chat assistant info line added
 - New: AI Chat voice input added
 - New: AI Chat code format highlighter
 - New: AI Chat stop feature added
 - New: Macedonian language added to templates
 - Update: All missing translation words added
 - Update: All disabled AI features are disabled everywhere
 - Update: Language change option added at frontend top
 - Update: Language change option added at login/registration pages
 - Update: Personal API features added to the subscription plans
 - Update: Stripe complete redesign with official PHP SDK
 - Update: Table sorting for dates updated
 - Update: Home page blog posts listed based on created date
 - Update: Twitter logos updates, youtube social media link added
 - Update: Update page view updated
 - Update: AI Chat input field changed to textarea to support larger text inputs
 - Fix: CSS issue in the AI Images fixed
 - Fix: Stripe for India issue fixed
 - Fix: Cron task credit renewal issue fixed
 - Fix: Download button in the tran

02.11.2023 - v2.9

  • New: AI Chat template groups added
  • New: AI Chat prompts feature added
  • Update: AI Chat (shift + enter) replaced for new line
More detail
  • Update: AI Chat mobile responsiveness improved
  • Update: AI Chat table display improved
  • Update: AI Chat response copy button added
  • Update: AI Chat info banners updated
  • Update: AI Chat generated url links are clickable now
  • Update: AI Chat code view updated
  • Update: Contact us reCaptcha v3 feature updated
  • Update: Private API key enforcement added when enabled
  • Update: Unlimited words support for free tier user added
  • Fix: Subscription plans unlimited validation fixed
  • Fix: Contact us disabling via admin panel fixed
  • Fix: Voiceover issue fix
  • Fix: Documents - Workbooks change issue fixed
  • Fix: Youtube social settings missing fixed
  • Fix: AI Chat new conversation fix
  • Fix: AI Chat cyrillic words display fix
  • Fix: AI Image creation date fix

06.11.2023 - v3.0

  • New: Add subscription plan manually by admin added
  • New: Show hidden plans for select users feature added
  • New: Free subscription plan limited to few days feature added for subscription plans
More detail
  • Update: Update user general and prepaid balances (increase/decrease)
  • Update: User list - personal user information view page updated
  • Update: Total active subscribers are visible for each subscription plan
  • Update: Users can apply to free trial subscription plan only once
  • Update: Free trial subscription process improved, no need to select payment gateways anymore upon checkout
  • Fix: Pricing table feature repetition fix

09.11.2023 - v3.1

  • New: GPT 4 Turbo model added for Templates and Chats
  • New: GPT 4 Turbo with Vision model added for Templates and Chats
  • New: Dalle-3 and Dalle-3 HD models added for AI Images
  • Update: AI Image Engine selection to Subscription Plans added
More detail
  • Update: Removed deprecated model - Ada, Babbage, Curie
  • Update: Davinci Settings page updated
  • Fix: Finance Management - Transactions page table issue fix

14.11.2023 - v3.2

  • New: OpenAI Text to Speech feature added
  • New: GCP 101 (65 Neural2; 6 Studio; 30 WaveNet) New Voices added
  • Update: Both Dalle and Stable Diffusion engines can be set in the subscription plans
  • Update: AI Image view modal details updated

22.11.2023 - v3.3

  • New: Stable Diffusion - Image to Image feature added
  • New: Stable Diffusion - Image Upscaling feature added
  • New: Stable Diffusion - Image Inpainting feature added
  • New: Stable Diffusion - Multi Prompting feature added
More detail
  • New: Stable Diffusion - Image Strength option in settings added for Image to Image feature
  • New: OpenAI - Image Inpainting feature added (Dalle 2 Only)
  • New: OpenAI - Image Variations feature added (Dalle 2 Only)
  • Update: Free plan pricing has changed from $0 value to Free sign
  • Fix: Voiceover properly handle unlimited characters fixed
  • Fix: Stable Diffusion - Generation Steps limits are improved
  • Fix: Frontend - Unlimited credit names are properly displayed

15.01.2024 - v3.7

  • New: Internet Real-Time access to AI Chat option added
  • New: Chat Image Feature added
  • New: Listen to AI Chat response feature added
  • New: Create your custom referral code feature added
More detail
  • Update: Affiliate Program page updated
  • Update: Referred number of users are visible now
  • Update: Stripe webhook updated
  • Update: Subscription plan updated to include new features
  • Update: Removed deprecated OpenAI models
  • Fix: CSS styles for document results fixed
  • Fix: Renaming newly created chat conversation issue fixed
  • Fix: AI Images minor SD v1.6 bug issue fixed

26.01.2024 - v3.8

  • New: AI Chat PDF feature added
  • New: AI Chat CSV feature added
  • New: AI Web Chat feature added
  • Update: Custom Templates support for Select Dropdown fields added
More detail
  • Update: Custom Templates support for Checkbox fields added
  • Update: Custom Templates support for Radio Button fields added
  • Update: Custom Templates required field option added
  • Update: Subscription plan is updated to include new features
  • Update: Subscription plan file size limits are added for Chat PDF & CSV service
  • Update: Removed DB backup feature (new installations only)
  • Fix: AWS region names mismatch minor issue fixed
  • Fix: Referral admin panel enable/disable issue fixed
  • Fix: Counting character credits for AI Chat TTS feature improved
  • Fix: Counting image credits for Chat Image improved
  • Fix: AI Chat minor issue with enter button fixed

05.02.2024 - v4.0

  • New: Smart Editor feature added
  • New: AI ReWriter feature added
  • New: AI Assistant for Original Templates added
  • New: AI Assistant for Custom Templates added
More detail
  • Update: Subscription plans updated to included Start Editor & AI ReWriter
  • Update: Orignal Templates view updated
  • Update: Custom Templates view updated
  • Fix: Custom Template view issue fix
  • Fix: AI Chat Web mobile css issue fix

19.02.2024 - v4.2

  • New: Voice Cloning feature added (Extended)
  • New: Sound Studio feature added (Extended)
  • New: AI Image to Video feature added (Extended)
  • New: AI File Chat feature added
More detail
  • New: MS Word files support for AI File Chat feature added
  • Update: Smart Editor Mobile responsiveness improved
  • Update: AI Chat PDF/CSV merged into AI File Chat feature
  • Update: AI Chat PDF/CSV/Web page refresh issue improved
  • Update: Davinci Settings page updated
  • Update: Extended License features section added in Davinci Settings
  • Update: License page updated
  • Update: Smart Editor missing translation words added
  • Update: Security improvements
  • Fix: AI Assistant language response issue fixed on all AI features