Pixie - Image Editor

Pixie - Image Editor v3.0.4



Pixie: The Ultimate Photo Editor for Every Device

Pixie is a versatile and high-performance photo editor that offers full customization options. Whether you want to integrate it into existing projects or use it as a standalone application, Pixie delivers exceptional functionality. Here are some key features:

Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrate Pixie into any project or application.
Extensibility: Expand Pixie’s interface and API with additional functionality.
Mobile-Friendly: Enjoy full mobile support as Pixie automatically adjusts its interface to fit any device.
Customizable Theming: Easily match Pixie’s editor colors to your site or application design.
Tailored UI: Customize the user interface by showing, hiding, or adding menu items, changing toolbar positions, or applying a different theme.
Translatable Interface: Pixie’s interface is fully translatable via configuration.
Watermarking: Easily add specified text watermarks to saved photos.
Versatile Modes: Choose between overlay (modal), inline, or full-screen modes.
Tools API: Utilize all Pixie tools (resize, crop, frame, etc.) via API without opening the Pixie interface.
Customizable Tools: Modify, remove, or add custom stickers, shapes, fonts, frames, and more.
Saving and Loading States: Save and load editor states, including images and all applied changes.
Photo Manipulation: Resize, crop, transform, and more using the intuitive interface or API.
Filters: Enjoy a wide range of built-in filters like grayscale, blur, black & white, vintage, and easily add more via API.
Frames: Enhance your photos with responsive built-in frames or add your own custom frames.
Drawing: Utilize the powerful free drawing tool with support for multiple brush types, colors, and more.
Text: Add text to images using hundreds of Google fonts or your own custom fonts.
Shapes: Easily incorporate custom shapes by specifying SVG image paths.
Stickers: Add or remove custom stickers using any type of image.
Rounded Corners: Achieve rounded image corners with a simple click or API call.
Empty Canvas: Create custom images from scratch using Pixie’s editing capabilities.
History: Undo and redo actions effortlessly with the non-destructive history tool.
Layered Objects: Move, resize, delete, and modify stickers, shapes, and text on separate layers with various customizations.
Patterns and Gradients: Fill objects with a vast selection of built-in or custom patterns and gradients.
Saving Options: Easily save modified images locally or on a server via the API or interface.
Zoom & Pan: Zoom and pan the canvas using mouse, mouse wheel, or touch and pinch gestures on mobile devices.
HTML5 Compatibility: Pixie utilizes native HTML5, ensuring compatibility across all devices.
Discover the power of Pixie, the HTML5-based photo editor that delivers unrivaled editing capabilities on any device.