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Push Notifications Plugin [AltumCode] 1.0.0


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The Push Notifications Plugin by AltumCode is a powerful tool designed to enhance user engagement and retention on your website. This plugin allows you to send real-time notifications to your users, keeping them updated with the latest content, offers, or any other updates on your website.

Key Features:

Real-Time Notifications: Send instant updates to your users, ensuring they never miss out on important content or updates.
2. Customizable Messages: Tailor your push notifications to suit your brand voice and message content.
3. User Segmentation: Target specific user groups with personalized notifications based on their preferences and behavior.
4. Scheduling: Plan your notifications in advance with the scheduling feature.
5. Analytics: Track the performance of your notifications with detailed analytics.



User Engagement: The plugin does an excellent job of keeping users engaged with real-time updates.
2. Ease of Use: It’s easy to install and configure, making it accessible for users of all technical levels.
3. Customization: The ability to customize messages allows for a more personalized user experience.
4. Scheduling Feature: The scheduling feature is a great addition, allowing for better planning and consistency in communication.


Limited Design Options: While the plugin offers message customization, it could benefit from more design options for the notifications.
2. Lack of Multilingual Support: Currently, the plugin does not support multiple languages, which could be a drawback for international websites.


Overall, the Push Notifications Plugin by AltumCode is a robust tool for enhancing user engagement and retention. Its real-time notifications, customization, and scheduling features are its major strengths. However, it could improve by offering more design options and multilingual support. Despite these minor drawbacks, it’s a valuable addition to any website looking to improve user interaction and engagement.