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Quform is an advanced WordPress form builder that allows you to create custom forms with ease. With Quform, you can build contact forms, feedback forms, and many other types of forms in just a few clicks. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add fields, customize form layouts, and integrate your forms with popular email marketing services. Overall, Quform is the ultimate WordPress form builder for anyone looking to create custom forms with ease.

2.20.0 – 07 Feb 2024

Added global options to control Radio/Checkbox styles
Added support for captcha image transparency
Added a filter hook on the CSRF failure response

More detail

Added hooks to add custom content to the View and Edit entry pages
Added support for limit 0 on getEntries and listEntries to return all rows
Added additional classes to view/edit entry table rows
Added support for having the plugin cache directory outside the plugin folder
Fixed not equals logic operator for array types
Fixed overwriting existing Set-Cookie header
Fixed entry count filter hooks missing from shortcode functions
Fixed a conflict with the WP Hide & Security Enhancer plugin
Fixed variables not working in redirect URL
Fixed background images being removed from some buttons
Fixed a race condition with the session system if there is a 404 error on the page
Fixed deprecated notices on PHP 8.2
Fixed deprecated notices in PhpSpreadsheet on PHP 8.2
Fixed group label not showing in email if it only contained File Upload fields