Revolutionize Your WordPress Experience with Custom Admin Interface Pro

Custom Admin Interface Pro 1.57



Introducing Custom Admin Interface Pro, a revolutionary tool designed to transform your WordPress experience. This product is the ultimate solution for those seeking to customize and enhance their WordPress admin interface.

Custom Admin Interface Pro offers a range of features that make it a standout choice for WordPress users:

Personalized Dashboard: Customize your WordPress dashboard to suit your preferences. Arrange, add, or remove widgets as you see fit.

Menu Management: Gain full control over your admin menu. You can hide, rename, reorder, and even create new menu items.

Admin Bar Control: Modify your admin bar with ease. Add or remove items, change item names, and more.

Login Page Customization: Make your login page uniquely yours. Change the logo, background, form styles, and more.

User Role Management: Assign custom roles to users and manage their access to various parts of the admin interface.

  1. Multisite Support: Manage multiple WordPress sites with ease using our multisite support feature.

  2. Import/Export Settings: Easily import or export your settings for use on other sites or for backup purposes.

With Custom Admin Interface Pro, managing your WordPress site has never been easier or more efficient. This tool is designed to provide a seamless and personalized admin experience, making it an essential addition to any WordPress user’s toolkit.