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Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership 12.5 NULLED



Ultimate Membership Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin for creating multi-level exclusive access for members. Protect content, charge paid subscriptions, and offer flexible membership options. With advanced features like custom action steps, discounts, and an integrated affiliate program, this plugin takes membership management to the next level.

Version 12.0.1 – 10.06.2023

  • Fixed: The shortcode for direct purchase, ihc-purchase-link
  • Changed: Compatibility with WPML plugin
  • Fixed: License activation on CloudFlare service
  • Fixed: Access Rules
  • restrictions based on Categories didn’t work properly on listed posts showcase
  • Fixed: Print Invoice option on Payments table from Admin Dashboard
  • Fixed: Custom Banner image for Account Page top section
  • Fixed: Filtered Payments based on Members ID
  • Added: extra special fields data inside Exported CSV file

Version 12.1 – 11.14.2023

  • Fixed: WordPress Native Fields Labels translation
  • Changed: Memberships Table when needs to show linked WooCommerce Products
  • Fixed: Content Rules Access setup without a selected Membership
  • Changed: WorkFlow of Register and Profile Forms for custom fields
More detail
  • Fixed: Taxes showing up inside Payments table
  • Changed: Prorating Subscriptions workflow
  • Fixed: Search in Dashboard Tables
  • Checked: Compatibility with PHP 8.1+
  • Checked: Compatibility with WP 6.4.x
  • Changed: Stripe Checkout workflow in particular setup scenarios
  • Added: Wizard Setup

Version 12.2 – 12.20.2023

  • Added: Members counted on each Membership with direct link to the members list
  • Fixed: Constant {amount} value and format on certain situations
  • Changed: The plugin crons registration process during update
  • Fixed: Prorating Subscription management for Lifetime and Limited memberships type
  • Changed: Bank Trasfer payments during registration process

Version 12.3 – 01.06.2024- Changed: Files Optimization

  • Fixed: Functionality when the Default Payment Gateway is missing
  • Fixed: The Required option is removed when the Custom Field is removed from Admin Page

Version 12.5 – 05.17.2024

  • Added: Dynamic Table for Members section
  • Added: Email Notifications - On/Off button option
  • Fixed: Drip Content incomplete settings Error
  • Fixed: Managing the WooCommerce Product linked with a Membership
More detail
  • Fixed: Infusionsoft library Updating

  • Fixed: Admin Menu is not showing up at WP Multisite

  • Fixed: Conditional Logic feature for Profile form

  • Fixed: Stripe Checkout - Compatibility with Latest API Version

  • Fixed: Order Completed Email Notification amount value

  • Fixed: Registration form Show Password icons

  • Fixed: State fields for Profile form

  • Fixed: Constant Contact integration

  • Fixed: Woo Payment Integration not working with Woo Blocks

  • Fixed: Members are not imported with Import Users & Memberships

  • Changed: Tax Calculation at Checkout page

  • Changed: Email Notifications setup section and Tags

  • Changed: Style at front-end Showcases

  • Changed: How Recurring Orders are stored in DB in relation to UAP integration process

  • Changed: Stripe now provides additional warnings for failed payment attempts

  • Changed: Improve UMP Dashboard UX/UI

  • Changed: Dynamic Tables workflow