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WP Eventin v3.3.38 - Events Manager & Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce


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WP Eventin is a WordPress plugin that helps you create and manage any type of event on your website. With WP Eventin, you can easily create events, add speakers, sponsors, schedules, venues, and more. You can also sell tickets for your events using WooCommerce, and manage your orders, attendees, and check-ins. WP Eventin is fully compatible with Elementor and Gutenberg, and comes with 15+ widgets and blocks to display your events in a beautiful and dynamic way. You can also customize the look and feel of your events with different layouts, styles, colors, and fonts. WP Eventin supports features like zoom integration, recurring events, event countdown, event search, event wishlist, event review, and more. WP Eventin is the best solution for creating and managing any kind of event on your website. Whether you want to host a conference, a webinar, a workshop, a concert, or any other event, WP Eventin can help you do it with ease.

PRO 3.3.30 ( AUGUST 16, 2023 )

Tweak : Eventin onboarding system optimized
Tweak : PHP script optimization

  • Added : Import Facebook events and show using shortcode
  • Fix : Attendee information edit issue fixed.
  • Fix : The location list pro widget issue is fixed.
  • Fix : Min Qty not working correctly fixed.
  • Fix : Attendee search filter issue fixed.

= 3.3.32 ( Sept 18, 2023 )=

Tweak : Admin Settings UX update
Tweak : Event Meta Settings UX update
Tweak : Speaker Meta Settings Update
Tweak : Schedule Meta Settings Update

= 3.3.38 ( December 12, 2023 )=

New : Stripe Order export in CSV Format
New : Stripe Order export in JSON Format
Tweak : UX improvement for recurring events in frontend dashboard.
Fix : Title should be used in the repeater title.
Fix : Event calendar blocks weren’t showing anything.
Fix : Simple bug fix for limited tickets data on multiple ticket variation.