WP Plugin Manager Pro: Boost Your Website Speed by Deactivating Unnecessary Plugins Per Page

WP Plugin Manager Pro - Deactivate plugins per page 1.1.3


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The WP Plugin Manager Pro is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that allows you to deactivate unnecessary plugins on a per-page basis. This unique feature helps to drastically improve your website’s speed and overall performance.

Key features of the WP Plugin Manager Pro include:

  1. Per-Page Plugin Management: Deactivate plugins that are not needed on specific pages or posts to reduce load time and improve performance.
  2. Global Plugin Deactivation: Deactivate plugins across your entire website with just a few clicks.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Easy to use, intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates with your WordPress dashboard.
  4. Compatibility: Works with all WordPress themes and plugins.
  5. Support & Updates: Regular updates and dedicated support to ensure optimal functionality.


The WP Plugin Manager Pro is a game-changer for WordPress users looking to optimize their website’s performance.


  • The ability to deactivate plugins on a per-page basis is a standout feature, allowing for improved load times and overall website performance.
  • The user-friendly interface makes it easy for even novice WordPress users to navigate and utilize the plugin’s features.
  • Regular updates and dedicated support ensure that any issues are promptly addressed, adding to the overall user experience.


  • While the plugin offers compatibility with all WordPress themes and plugins, there may be instances where certain combinations may not work as expected.
  • For websites with a large number of plugins, managing them on a per-page basis can become time-consuming.


In conclusion, the WP Plugin Manager Pro is an innovative solution for WordPress users seeking to enhance their website’s speed and performance. While it may require some time investment for websites with numerous plugins, the benefits of improved load times and enhanced user experience make it a worthwhile addition to your WordPress toolkit. The dedicated support and regular updates further add to its value, making it a solid investment for any WordPress website owner.