Zuperla: Unleash Your Creativity with the Most Customizable Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Zuperla - Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 2.5.0


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Zuperla is a creative and multi-purpose WordPress theme that allows you to become the most badass author out there. It’s designed to give you the chance to do everything you want in any website, whether it’s a general or a specific-purpose one.

The theme features an advanced grid system and handcrafted elements combined with the amazing Import on Demand, making Zuperla the most customizable, multipurpose WordPress theme on the market. It offers various header layouts with options for each one of them, including default layout, logo on top, side navigation, hidden navigation, and amazing sticky header types.

Zuperla provides full control of your logos and their sizes, manipulative typography with standard fonts, more than 600 Google Fonts, and a font uploader. It also includes motion parallax for your columns and allows you to change and reset the positions for your columns.

The theme comes with all-in-one custom footers, different menu styles, header overlapping globally or per page/post/portfolio/product, boxed and stretched layout, maintenance mode functionality, coming soon mode functionality, customizable search page, customizable Google Maps, and awesome modals for your needs.



  • Customizability: Zuperla stands out for its high level of customizability. The advanced grid system and handcrafted elements combined with the Import on Demand feature make it one of the most customizable themes on the market.
  • Typography Control: With over 600 Google Fonts and a font uploader, Zuperla offers incredible control over typography.
  • Versatility: The theme is versatile and can be used for any type of website, whether it’s a general or a specific-purpose one.


  • Learning Curve: Given its extensive features and customization options, there might be a steep learning curve for beginners.
  • Performance: While the theme offers a lot of features, it might affect the performance of the website if not optimized properly.


Overall, Zuperla is a robust and versatile WordPress theme that offers a high level of customizability. It’s packed with features that allow you to create a unique and personalized website. However, beginners might find it a bit challenging to navigate through its extensive features. It’s important to optimize the theme properly to ensure the best performance. Despite these minor drawbacks, Zuperla is a great choice for anyone looking to create a standout website.